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Attention Fried Chicken lovers! Are you in search of the latest Chic A Boo Singapore Menu? Look no further – your search ends here. Explore their extensive menu featuring vibrant images and current prices, all sourced directly from Chic A Boo Singapore’s official channels.

Chic A Boo Singapore Menu
Image by Chic A Boo Singapore

Chic A Boo Singapore Menu Categories

The menu of Chic A Boo can be categorized as

  • Ala Carte
  • Salads & Bites
  • Burgers
  • Set Meals
  • Combo deals
  • Side Dishes
  • Kids Meal
  • Student Meal
  • Beverages

Lets see them in detail one by one. All the prices mentioned below are in Singapore dollars.

Chic A Boo Ala Carte Menu With Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken (Single)SGD 3.50
Chicken (6 Pcs)SGD 19.90
Japanese Curry & Savoury RiceSGD 10.60
Creamy Chicken Pot PieSGD 7.50
Japanese Curry CHIC Pot PieSGD 8.50
Chicken Baked RiceSGD 7.50
Chicken Baked PastaSGD 7.50
Chic A Boo Menu

Chic A Boo Salads & Bites Menu Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Pulled Chicken SaladSGD 6.30
Cheezy FriesSGD 4.20
Popcorn ChickenSGD 3.90
Garlic BreadSGD 1.80
Chicken Nuggets (6 PcsSGD 4.20
Chicken Nuggets (10 PcsSGD 6.20
Mac & CheeseSGD 3.90
Cheese Sticks (6 Pcs)SGD 6.30
Cheese Sticks (10 Pcs)SGD 9.50
Ebi Fry (6 Pcs)SGD 1.40
Ebi Fry (10 Pcs)SGD 10.60
Saucy Chic Wings (6 Pcs)SGD 6.90
Saucy Chic Wings (10 Pcs)SGD 9.90
Fish Bites (6pcs)SGD 6.30
Fish Bites (10 Pcs)SGD 9.50
Pulled Chicken Cheezy FriesSGD 6.30
Calamari RingsSGD 4.50
Chicken Fillets (6 Pcs)SGD 6.30
Chicken Fillets (10 Pcs)SGD 9.50

Chic A Boo Singapore Menu Burgers

Menu ItemPrice (Ala Carte)Price (Meal)
Hot ChickenSGD 7.50SGD 9.80
Black PepperSGD 7.50SGD 9.80
BBQ ChickenSGD 7.50SGD 9.80
Cheezy ChickenSGD 7.50SGD 9.80
Mayo ChickenSGD 7.50SGD 9.80
Pulled BBQ ChickenSGD 7.50SGD 9.80
Fish FilletSGD 7.50SGD 9.80
Meal includes: Burger With 1 Side Dish & 1 Soft Drink
Chic-A-Boo Singapore Menu

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Chic A Boo Set Meals Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Set 1
2 pcs Chicken, 2 side dishes, 1 soft drink
SGD 9.80
Set 2
3 pcs Chicken, 2 side dishes, 1 soft drink
SGD 12.80
Set 3
2 pcs Fried Fish, 2 side dishes, 1 soft drink
SGD 9.80
Set 4
1 pc Chicken, 1 pc Fried Fish, 2 side dishes, 1 soft drink
SGD 9.80

Chic A Boo Combo Deals Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Party A
6 pcs Chicken, 6 pcs chicken nuggets, 3 side dishes, 3 soft drinks
SGD 31.90
Party B
10 pcs Chicken, 10 pcs chicken nuggets, Popcorn Chicken, 5 side dishes, 5 soft drinks
SGD 53.90
Party C
3 pcs Chicken, 3 pcs chicken nuggets, 6 pcs chicken fillet, 3 side dishes, 3 soft drinks
SGD 38.90
Party D
5 pcs Chicken, 5 pcs fried fish, 6 pcs chicken nuggets, 5 pcs cheese sticks, 5 pcs ebi fry, 5 side dishes, 5 soft drinks
SGD 62.90
Chic A Boo Menu Items

Chic A Boo Side Dishes Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Curly FriesSGD 2.50
Garden SaladSGD 2.50
TCO SaladSGD 2.50
French FriesSGD 2.50
Mashed PotatoSGD 2.50
Potato WedgesSGD 2.50
Sweet Potato FriesSGD 2.50
Onion RingsSGD 2.50
Corn NibletsSGD 2.50
Cream of Chicken SoupSGD 2.50
ColeslawSGD 2.50
Savory RiceSGD 2.50

Chic A Boo Kids Meal Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Set A
Mac & Cheese, 3 Pcs Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, Corn Niblets, Packet Drink
SGD 6.30
Set B
2 Pcs Fish Bite, 2 Pcs Chicken Fillet, French Fries, Corn Niblets, Packet Drink
SGD 7.30

Chic A Boo Student Meal Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Set A
1 Pc Chicken, 3 Pcs Chicken Nuggets, 3 Pcs Fish Bite, 1 Side Dish, 1 Soft Drink
SGD 9.50
Set B
1 Pc Chicken, 2 Pcs Chicken Nuggets, 2 Pcs Fish Bite, 2 Pcs Ebi Fry, 1 Side Dish, 1 Soft Drink
SGD 11.50
Sharing Platter
3 Pcs Chicken, 3 Pcs Fried Fish, 3 Pcs Chicken Nuggets, 3 Pcs Cheese Stick, 3 Pcs Ebi Fry, 3 Side Dishes, 3 Soft Drinks
SGD 32.00
Chic A Boo Menu Prices

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Chic A Boo Beverages Prices

Menu ItemPrice (Regular)Price (Medium)
Soft DrinksSGD 1.90SGD 2.20
Bottled WaterSGD 1.50
Iced Milo / SjoraSGD 3.00SGD 3.80
Hot Tea / Iced CoffeeSGD 2.40
Cappucino / LatteSGD 3.00
Hot Milo / Hot ChocolateSGD 3.00

Is Chic A Boo Halal?

YES, Chic A Boo Singapore is Halal Certified.

YumVim’s Review Of Chic A Boo Singapore.

As a food blogger who loves exploring different flavors, my recent visit to Chic A Boo was a delightful experience. This fast-food joint, known for its fried chicken and comfort food, offers an extensive menu that’s both affordable and delicious.

Starting with their signature dish, the fried chicken , I was impressed by the crispy exterior and juicy interior. It’s clear that they use fresh chicken, and the seasoning is just perfect – not too overpowering but enough to give each bite a delightful taste.

The Japanese Curry & Savoury Rice was a pleasant surprise. The curry was rich and flavorful, pairing well with the perfectly cooked rice. It’s a great option for anyone looking for something different from the usual fast-food offerings.

For those who love pies, the Creamy Chicken Pot Pie and Japanese Curry CHIC Pot Pie are must-tries. The pastry was flaky and the fillings were creamy and savory, making for a satisfying meal.

Chic A Boo also excels in their ‘Salads & Bites’ section. The Pulled Chicken Salad was fresh and had a good mix of flavors, and the Cheezy Fries were a guilty pleasure. Don’t miss out on their Popcorn Chicken – a perfect snack that’s crunchy and addictive.

Their burgers, like the Hot Chicken and BBQ Chicken, were juicy and well-seasoned. The meal option, which includes a side dish and a soft drink, offers great value.

For families or groups, the Party Combo Deals are a steal. For instance, Party A includes 6 pcs of Chicken, nuggets, side dishes, and drinks – perfect for sharing.

Overall, Chic A Boo offers a fantastic fast-food experience with a variety of options to suit all tastes. The quality, taste, and value for money make it a great choice for anyone craving some good old fried chicken or a hearty meal.

Chic A Boo Singapore Outlet Locations & Operating Hours

Outlet LocationAddressOperating Hours
City Square Mall#01-30/31 180 Kitchener Road,
Singapore 208539
11:30AM – 10:00PM
Marina Square#03-147/148 6 Raffles Boulevard,
Singapore 039594
11:30AM – 10:00PM
Sembawang Shopping Centre#01-02 604 Sembawang Road,
Singapore 758459
11:30AM – 10:00PM
SingPost Centre#01-148 10 Eunos Road 8,
Singapore 408600
11:30AM – 10:00PM
Woods Square#01-12 6 Woods Square,
Singapore 737737
11:30AM – 10:00PM
Changi VillageBlock 5 #01-2001 Changi Village Road,
Singapore 500005
11:30AM – 10:00PM

Yumvim took all the images and prices from the following official sources of Chic A Boo Singapore.

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