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Attention Taiwanese food lovers! Are you in search of the latest Fong Sheng Hao Singapore Menu? Look no further – your search ends here. Explore their extensive menu featuring vibrant images and current prices, all sourced directly from Fong Sheng Hao Singapore’s official channels.

Fong Sheng Hao Singapore Menu
Image by Fong Sheng Hao Singapore

Fong Sheng Hao Singapore Menu Categories

The menu of Fong Sheng Hao can be categorized as

  • Rice and Noodle Menu
  • Milk Bread
  • Charcoal Grilled Signature Toasts
  • Charcoal Grilled Favourites Toast
  • Taiwan Signature Beverages
  • Singapore Classic Beverages

Lets see them in detail one by one. All the prices mentioned below are delivery prices and are in Singapore dollars.

Fong Sheng Hao Rice and Noodle Menu With Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Popcorn Chicken RiceDelicious self-marinated Taiwanese popcorn chicken with sunny-side-up egg, pickled cucumbers, and coin patty!SGD 12.30
Braised Pork RiceTook 4-5 hours of slow boil to ensure well-braised meat. Precision in meat selection and spices for authentic Taiwan’s Braised Pork Rice.SGD 10.00
Soy Stewed Pork RiceDelicious slow-cooked Soy Stewed Pork with tender meat and pickled Chinese cabbage.SGD 11.20
Taiwan Pork Chop RiceHuge, crispy pork chop covering every mouthful of rice, sprinkled with black ground pepper. Just delightful!SGD 13.50
Fong Sheng Hao Menu

Fong Sheng Hao Milk Bread Menu Price

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Fong Sheng Milk Bread (8pcs)Premium Milk Bread, Fong Sheng Hao In-House specialty with NZMP Milkfat and Old Dough technique. Simply delicious.SGD 9.50

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Fong Sheng Hao Charcoal Grilled Signature Toasts

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Pork and Egg CheeseClassic in-house marinated tender pork loin, definitely satisfyingSGD 8.30
Pork and Egg Cheese with LettuceSGD 9.00
Spicy Pork and Egg CheeseClassic in-house marinated tender pork loin with specially formulated chilli sauce, only in Fong Sheng HaoSGD 8.30
Spicy Pork and Egg Cheese with LettuceSGD 9.00
Pork Patty and Egg CheeseTraditionally handcrafted minced pork patty, served with egg and cheeseSGD 8.30
Pork Patty and Egg Cheese with LettuceSGD 9.00
Pork Floss EggCrispy pork floss layered with condensed milk, delightful in every biteSGD 8.60
Ham and CheeseTurkey Ham goes well with tasty milk toast, everyone’s favourite on the go sandwich!SGD 7.80
Hashbrown & CheeseHashbrown + Cheese Sandwich, daily to-go combination!SGD 7.70
Tomato and Egg CheeseFresh and savory tomatoes, light on the tastebud but delicious nonethelessSGD 7.70
Tuna and Egg CheeseTuna with Corn and In-House specialty, the combination with Egg + Cheese was definitely on point, savory taste.SGD 9.40
Soy Stewed PorkDelicious slow-cooked Soy Stewed Pork, tender meat with Pickled Chinese Cabbage and Peanut Powder, a toast version of Gua Bao.SGD 8.70
Spicy Cheesy Chicken SandwichDelicious spicy chicken thigh topped with fruity self-made mayonnaise, sandwiched with Signature Milk Toast!SGD 9.00
Club SandwichUpside version of the traditional Pork Egg & Cheese filled with fresh lettuce and tomato slice.SGD 10.20
Fong Sheng Hao Menu Prices

Fong Sheng Hao Menu Charcoal Grilled Favourites Toast

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
StrawberryChunks of meltingly strawberry and natural butter spreadSGD 5.80
Condensed Milk Sweetness but not overload, tasty and addictive.SGD 5.80
Peanut Butter Special Peanut Butter with chunky spread all over Signature charcoal toast, sprinkle Peanut Powder over it.SGD 6.50
Nutty Chocolate Special Spread with thick chocolate hazelnut and buttery goodnessSGD 6.50
Milky ButterMilky fragrance to double up our flavorful Milk Bread, definitely a must-try.SGD 7.00
Kaya ButterWhen Nanyang & Taiwanese style clash!SGD 6.50
Butter SugarWhen the Bread is quality, you can easily go with Butter + Sugar.SGD 5.80
Fong Sheng Hao menu Singapore

Fong Sheng Hao Taiwan Signature Beverages Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Cane Flavored Black Tea (16oz)A combination of Taipei’s oldest tea shop “Lin Hua Tai” fragrant tea leaves, and long hours of boiling for the sugar cane syrup to create Fong Sheng Hao’s signature black tea.SGD 5.20
Fong Sheng Signature Milk Tea (16oz) Fong Sheng Hao’s Milk Tea with in-house recipe, only limited stocks each day. Using our very own Sugarcane Syrup, natural sweetener, sugar level is standard. Chilled but without ice.SGD 6.00
Heysong Sarsaparila Taiwan Classic Carbonated Drink!SGD 4.70
Soy Bean Milk (16oz)Daily fresh-made Soy Bean Milk. Using our very own Sugarcane Syrup, natural sweetener, sugar level is standard. Chilled but without ice.SGD 5.20
Fong Sheng Hao Taiwanese drinks menu

Fong Sheng Hao Singapore Classic Beverages Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
KopiAromatic cup of freshly brewed Nanyang Coffee, added Condensed and Evaporated milk to it.SGD 3.60
Kopi-O Aromatic cup of freshly brewed Nanyang Coffee, added Sugar to it.SGD 3.60
Kopi-CAromatic cup of freshly brewed Nanyang Coffee, added Evaporated milk and Sugar to it.SGD 3.70
TehFreshly brewed Tea added Condensed and Evaporated milk to it.SGD 3.60
Teh-OFreshly brewed Tea added Sugar to it.SGD 3.60
Teh-CFreshly brewed Tea added Evaporated milk and Sugar to it.SGD 3.70
Fresh Milk 100% Fresh Milk, chilled but without ice.SGD 4.90
ChocolateRich classic chocolate matt drink.SGD 3.60
Fong Sheng Hao menu classic drinks

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Is Fong Sheng Hao Halal?

NO, Fong Sheng Hao Singapore is not Halal.

YumVim’s Review Of Fong Sheng Hao Singapore.

Recently, I ventured to Fong Sheng Hao in Singapore, and wow, what an experience! This Taiwanese street food gem brings a slice of Taipei’s Shilin Market right into the heart of Singapore with its mouthwatering charcoal-grilled toasts and comforting classic beverages.

Let’s talk about their signature item first – the Fong Sheng Milk Bread. This premium milk bread is a game-changer. Made using NZMP Milkfat and an Old Dough technique, it’s deliciously simple yet so satisfying.

I dove into the Charcoal Grilled Signature Toasts, starting with the Pork and Egg Cheese Toast. The tender pork loin marinated in-house was beyond delicious, perfectly paired with the cheese and egg. Then, I tried the Spicy Pork and Egg Cheese Toast, which had just the right kick of spice to elevate the flavors.

I couldn’t resist the Pork Floss Egg Toast either. The combination of crispy pork floss with condensed milk on their signature milk toast was delightful in every bite. And for a lighter option, the Tomato and Egg Cheese Toastwas refreshingly tasty.

For sides, the Popcorn Chicken Rice was a standout. The Taiwanese popcorn chicken was marinated to perfection, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, making every bite a joy.

No visit would be complete without sampling their classic beverages. The Kopi was aromatic and perfectly balanced, a great companion to the toasts.

In simple terms, Fong Sheng Hao is a must-visit for anyone craving authentic Taiwanese flavors in Singapore. The cozy atmosphere, friendly service, and delicious food make it a spot I’ll return to without hesitation. Whether you’re in for breakfast, lunch, or a simple snack, Fong Sheng Hao will not disappoint!

Fong Sheng Hao Singapore Outlet Location & Operating Hours

NameAddressPhoneOperating Hours
PLQ Mall10 Paya Lebar Road, PLQ Mall, B2-04,
Singapore, 409057
+65 9851 0416Mon – Sun
09:00 AM – 08:30 PM
Serangoon Central23 Serangoon Central, B2-15,
Singapore, 556083
+65 9757 8550Mon – Sun
09:00 AM – 08:30 PM

Yumvim took all the images and prices from the following official sources of Fong Sheng Hao Singapore.


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