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Attention Western food lovers! Are you in search of the latest Good Bites Singapore Menu? Look no further – your search ends here. Explore their extensive menu featuring vibrant images and current prices, all sourced directly from Good Bites Singapore’s official channels.

Good Bites Singapore Menu
Image by Good Bites Singapore

Good Bites Singapore Menu Categories

The menu of Good Bites can be categorized as

  • Appetizers
  • Mains
  • Burgers
  • Pasta
  • Bundle
  • Sides
  • Dessert
  • Beverages

Lets see them in detail one by one. All the prices mentioned below are in Singapore dollars.

Good Bites Appetizers Menu With Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Homemade Mushroom SoupSGD 6.90
Caesar SaladSGD 6.90
House SaladSGD 9.90
Grilled Salmon SaladSGD 13.90
Prawn SaladSGD 10.90
Good Bites menu

Good Bites Mains Menu Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Fried Chicken & WafflesSGD 16.90
Grilled Free Range ChickenSGD 17.90
Cajun Lamb ChopSGD 24.90
Chicken Steak-OutSGD 16.90
Baked SalmonSGD 19.90
Buttermilk Fish & ChipsSGD 17.90
Duck ConfitSGD 23.90
Good Bites menu prices

Good Bites Menu Burgers

Menu ItemPrice
Boss BurgerSGD 16.90
Da Burger BombSGD 15.90
OMG CheeseburgerSGD 16.90
Shiok BurgerSGD 15.90
Eggploding BurgerSGD 15.90
Good Bites burgers prices

Good Bites Pasta Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Tomato Pasta (Chicken/Seafood)SGD 15.00
Pasta Aglio Olio (Turkey Bacon & Chicken Ham)SGD 15.00
Creamy Pasta (Chicken/Seafood)SGD 15.00
Sambal Goreng Pasta (Chicken/Seafood)SGD 15.00
Pasta Aglio Olio (Chicken/Seafood)SGD 15.00
Spicy Thai Pasta (Chicken/Seafood)SGD 15.00
Carbonara (Turkey Bacon & Chicken Ham)SGD 15.00
Tom Yum Pasta (Chicken/Seafood)SGD 15.00
Pasta Aglio Olio (Mushroom)SGD 14.00
Salted Egg PastaSGD 15.00
Chicken BologneseSGD 15.00
Good Bites pasta menu
Good Bites pasta prices

Good Bites Bundle Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Bundle Deal (1 Pax)
1 Mains + 1 Sides + 1 Drinks
SGD 20.61
Bundle Deal (2 Pax)
2 Mains + 1 Sides + 2 Drinks
SGD 35.91
Bundle Deal (4 Pax)
4 Mains + 1 Basket + 4 Drinks
SGD 68.31

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Good Bites Sides Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Party PlattersSGD 23.90
Golden PlattersSGD 18.90
Chicky PlattersSGD 21.90
Golden Wings With FriesSGD 12.90
Popcorn Chicken With FriesSGD 10.90
Chicken Katsudo With FriesSGD 10.90
Spicy Winglet With FriesSGD 10.90
Roasted Drumlet With FriesSGD 10.90
Chicken Nuggets With FriesSGD 8.90
Tater TotsSGD 6.90
French FriesSGD 4.90
Cheese FriesSGD 6.90
Truffle FriesSGD 8.90
Sweet Potato FriesSGD 7.90

Good Bites Singapore Dessert Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Royal Blackforest Layer CakeSGD 10.90
Yam Orh Nee Layer CakeSGD 10.90
Mango Passion Layer CakeSGD 10.90
Honey Earl Grey Hazelnut Layer CakeSGD 10.90
Marshmallows CroffleSGD 10.00
Chocolate CroffleSGD 10.00
Oreo Cookie CroffleSGD 10.00
Speculoos CroffleSGD 10.00
Ondeh Ondeh Layer CakeSGD 9.00
Speculoos CheesecakeSGD 9.00
Chocolate Crisp Mousse CakeSGD 10.00
Tiramisu Mousse CakeSGD 10.00
Good Bites Singapore desserts menu

Good Bites Beverages Prices

Mini Milkshake

Menu ItemPrice
Berry SweetSGD 9.90
ChocoloveSGD 9.90
Gummy PopSGD 9.90
Cookie TopSGD 9.90
Melt My HeartSGD 9.90

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Menu ItemPrice
Iced Long BlackSGD 5.50
Iced LatteSGD 6.00
Iced MochaSGD 7.00
Iced Caramel LatteSGD 7.00
Iced Vanilla LatteSGD 6.00
Coke FloatSGD 5.90
A&W Rootbeer FloatSGD 5.90
Soda FloatSGD 7.90
Canned DrinkSGD 3.50
Soda FloatSGD 7.90
Bottle WaterSGD 2.00
Good Bites beverages menu

Signature Coffee

Menu ItemPrice
Passionfruit Sparkling AmericanoSGD 9.00
Strawberry Iced LatteSGD 9.00
Blue Lagoon Iced LatteSGD 9.00


Menu ItemPrice
Long Black (Hot)SGD 5.00
Flat White (Hot)SGD 5.50
Caffe Latte (Hot)SGD 5.50
Caffe Mocha (Hot)SGD 6.00
Caramel Latte (Hot)SGD 6.00
Vanilla Latte (Hot)SGD 5.50
Cappuccino (Hot)SGD 5.50
Hot TeaSGD 5.00
Good Bites drinks menu

Is Good Bites Halal?

YES, Good Bites Singapore is Halal Certified.

YumVim’s Review Of Good Bites Singapore.

Recently, I had the chance to dine at Good Bites, a spot that’s quickly becoming a favorite for its diverse and delicious offerings. Here’s what you can expect from this culinary gem.

Starting off with the appetizers, the Homemade Mushroom Soup was a hearty and comforting choice. Rich and creamy, it was the perfect beginning to the meal. The Grilled Salmon Salad was a lighter option, but no less satisfying, with perfectly cooked salmon and a fresh mix of greens.

Moving on to the mains, the Fried Chicken & Waffles were a delightful blend of sweet and savory. The chicken was crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and the waffles were just the right amount of fluffy. For those who prefer something a bit more traditional, the Baked Salmon was a solid choice, cooked to perfection with a delicate flavor.

The burgers at Good Bites deserve a special mention. The Boss Burger was a treat, with a juicy patty and all the right fixings. The Eggploding Burger was another favorite, offering a unique and tasty experience.

Pasta lovers will appreciate the variety in their pasta section. Each dish, offers something different. The Sambal Goreng Pasta was a standout, blending local flavors with Italian tradition for a spicy and satisfying dish.

For dessert, the Honey Earl Grey Hazelnut Layer Cake (was a delightful end to the meal. It was light, not too sweet, and had a lovely flavor balance.

In summary, Good Bites Singapore is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a wide range of tasty, well-prepared dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for something hearty or light, this place has something for everyone.

Good Bites Singapore Outlet Location & Operating Hours

  • Address
    • 5 Bishan Street 14, Bishan Sports Hall, #03-01, Singapore 579783
  • Contact
    • +65 6970 0233
  • Operating Hours
    • Monday – Sunday: 11:00 AM – 05:00 AM (Last Order: 04:00 AM)

Yumvim took all the images and prices from the following official sources of Good Bites Singapore.

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