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Hello flavored tea lovers, you are probably looking for the latest Hey Tea Singapore menu? Well, your search ends here. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures and updated prices. All the information has been taken from the official sources of Hey Tea Singapore.

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Hey Tea Singapore Menu Categories

The menu of Hey Tea can be categorized as

  • In Season
  • Refreshing Fruit Teas
  • Real Dairy Milk Teas
  • Refreshing Finest Teas
  • Signature Fruit Teas

Lets see them in detail one by one. All the prices mentioned below are delivery prices and are in Singapore dollars.

Hey Tea Singapore Menu

Hey Tea In Season Menu Item

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Strawberry Mulberry-Noir TeaFeaturing a mix of seasonal strawberries, real mulberry with stem removed daily. Concocted with refreshing aqua green jasmine tea to bring balance to the real taste of mulberry-strawberrySGD 9.00

Hey Tea Singapore Refreshing Fruit Teas Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Very Grape Heytea(Original)An inspiration of HEYTEAs original very grape cheezo since 2018. Featuring fresh kyoho grapes, infused in regal aqua green jasmine tea & without any artificial essence. Added with melt-in-your-mouth crystal pudding. Available in 500ml standard & 650ml upsizedSGD 9.00
Very Grape CheezoAn inspiraton of HEYTEA’s original very grape cheezo since 2018. Featuring seasonal black summer grapes & infused in regal aqua green jasmine tea with added melt-in-your-mouth crystal pudding. Rich creamy lite cheezo topping made with real milk & absolutely no creamersSGD 9.60
Very Green Grape CrystalSelected fresh premium shine muscat grape, juicy & sweet. Added with slippery melt-in-your-mouth crystal pudding handmade daily for a mouthful of pure refreshing bliss. Available in 500ml standard & 650ml upsizedSGD 9.00
Mango Grapefruit SagoA refreshingly lighter taste expression of very mango grapefruit fusion. Fresh seasonal mango, with soft sago, ruby grape fruit pulp & crunchy konnyaku bobo pops. A true balance of taste & texture makes it so refreshingly light. Mango grapefruit sago as a default. It can be customized & upgraded to very mango grapefruit fusionSGD 9.00
Coconut Mango FusionBlended with silky smooth coconut milk & fresh mango. Soft sago, slippery melt-in-your-mouth crystal pudding & for a textured mouthfeel. Enjoy the rich delightful taste from our tropical fusionSGD 8.20
Passion Fruit Mango BlastA tropical mixed flavor with hints of passion fruit & seasonal fresh mango hand-cut daily. Infused in authentic floral scented regal aqua green jasmine tea. added with melt-in-your-mouth crystal pudding. Allow that refreshing fruity aroma to bloom in your mouthSGD 8.20
Passion Fruit Tangerine BlastRefreshing passion fruit mix with juicy real tangerine pulp, infused in signature Aqua Green tea. Delicate floral fragrance amidst a balanced sour sweet flavour. Real lemon slices adds freshness in its fragrance. Crunchy Bobo Pops and mildly sweet Crystal Pudding added for a more textured mouthfeel. *HEYTEA Signature Premium Aqua Green Tea, Juicy Tangerine Pulp, Selected Passion Fruit Juice, Crunchy Bobo Pops, Freshly made Crystal Pudding *There are multiple layers of base toppings. We recommend to stir well before drinking for an optimal taste experience. *Image displayed is for illustration purposes only.SGD 8.20
Passion Fruit Orange BlastSour-sweet passion fruit combined with an orange slushie to deliver a tropical flavour. Infused with HEYTEA signature Aqua Green Jasmine Tea for that delicate jasmine taste. Crystal Pudding, fresh made daily, is added to add a textured mouthfeel. A perfect treat for the summer heat. *Aqua Green Jasmine tea from selected tea plantations, Selected Passion Fruit Juice, Selected Orange Juice, Fresh made Crystal Pudding *For an optimal drinking experience, please mix well before drinking.SGD 9.00
Passion Fruit BlastSour-sweet passion fruit paired with fresh lemons (sliced daily) to bring about a unique tropical taste; infused in signature Aqua Green tea from HEYTEA’s selected tea plantations, to give that delicate jasmine floral fragrance. Base toppings of smooth crystal pudding and crunchy Bobo Pops adds a textured mouthfeel. A refreshing, palate cleansing treat this summer. *Aqua Green tea from selected tea plantations, selected passion fruit juice, daily sliced fresh lemons, crunchy bobo pops, fresh made crystal pudding *Rich in base toppings. For an optimal taste experience, please stir well before drinking.SGD 9.00
Aqua Green Lemon PunchSelected fresh lemons, sliced and hand-pressed daily. Infused in Signature Aqua Green Tea from HEYTEA’s selected tea plantations.SGD 8.20
Hey Tea Sg Menu Item

Hey Tea Real Dairy Milk Teas Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Taro Milk FiestaSelected real premium taro; taro paste made fresh everyday, complemented with real dairy milk for that signature flavor concoction. Taro bobo, Highland barley and soft sago added for that layered textured mouthfeel. Each sip is a mouthful of quality ingredients with that signature taro taste.SGD 8.20
Brown Sugar Bobo Milk TeaPremium Red Blossom black tea, mixed with creamy and rich milk. A taste-bud-tingling blend with floral aroma lingering in your mouth. Extra sweetness added with chewy Brown Bobo at the bottom and Classic Cheezo atop. (Iced 480ml/Hot 500ml). *CAUTION: Contents hot!SGD 8.20
Taro Paste Milk TeaSelected real premium taro; taro paste made fresh everyday, complemented with real dairy red blossom milk tea. Chewy Taro bobo added for textured mouthfeel. Rich taro flavor for that classic all-time favorite taste.SGD 8.20
Taro Bobo Milk TeaSmooth real dairy milk concocted with HEYTEA’s signature Red Blossom tea, complemented with chewy Taro Bobo. A classic layered flavors of taro, milk and tea.SGD 8.20
Roasted Brown Bobo Milk(Original)A combo of brown sugar bobo with fresh milk topped with classic cheezo.SGD 8.20
Bobo Light Milk TeaA lighter taste expression of Roasted Brown Bobo Milk (Original). Daily-cooked Brown Sugar Bobo, infused in premium milk for a velvety taste.SGD 6.40
Brown Bobo Milk TeaBrown sugar bobo, prepared fresh every day, infused in signature Red Blossom tea. A perfect fusion of chewiness and rich milk tea flavor. *Brown sugar bobo (prep fresh every day), Real dairy milk, Signature Red Blossom tea. *For a better taste experience, please stir well with a straw before drinking.SGD 6.40

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Hey Tea Bobo Milk Tea

Hey Tea Menu Refreshing Finest Teas prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Regal Aqua Green Jasmine CheezoThe original cheezo tea since 2012. Authentic regal aqua green jasmine tea, without any artificial essence or flavors. Light, delicate & with a floral scentSGD 5.10
Pure Regal Aqua Green Jasmine TeaBrewed with authentic regal aqua green jasmine tea & without any artificial essence or flavors. Light, delicate & with a floral scentSGD 3.90

Hey Tea Signature Fruit Teas Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Very Grape Cheezo Pro (Original)Original. HEYTEA original since 2018. Seasonal premium kyoho grape, juicy, fleshy. Infused in regal aqua green jasmine tea & with creamy signature cheezo a topSGD 10.40
Very Green Grape Cheezo ProSelected fresh shine muscat grapes, deskinned, pressed gently to extract juices; blended with lemon juice, signature aqua green tea & topped with real dairy cheezo. A fruit tea with mellow rose fragranceSGD 10.40
Mango Cheezo Pro (Original)Original. HEYTEA’s original since 2017. Blend seasonally selected juicy mango with vibrant aqua green tea, the beverage is refreshing & intense with sweet tropical temptationsSGD 10.40
Hey Tea Very grape Crystal

Is Hey Tea Halal?

No: Hey Tea Singapore is not Halal.

YumVim’s Review Of Hey Tea Singapore

Hey Tea in Singapore is a delightful spot for tea enthusiasts and those looking for unique, flavorful drinks. The Taro Milk Fiesta is a personal favorite, with its rich taro taste and the added texture of Taro bobo and sago. The Brown Sugar Bobo Milk Tea is a sweet indulgence, blending Red Blossom black tea with creamy milk and topped with chewy Brown Bobo and Classic Cheezo. It’s a true taste-bud tingler!

The variety at Hey Tea offers something for everyone. The Very Grape Cheezo Pro is a refreshing choice, featuring seasonal kyoho grapes infused in aqua green jasmine tea and crowned with creamy cheezo. For a citrusy twist, the Passion Fruit Tangerine Blast delivers a tropical flavor burst with juicy tangerine pulp and passion fruit. The menu showcases original creations like the Mango Cheezo Pro, a delightful blend of juicy mango and vibrant aqua green tea.

What sets Hey Tea apart is its commitment to using real, premium ingredients. The drinks are crafted with care, ensuring a delightful experience with every sip. The ambiance at Hey Tea Singapore is inviting, making it a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a flavorful beverage.

Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or just looking for a unique drink experience, Hey Tea in Singapore is worth a visit. The friendly staff and a diverse menu make it a great place to explore new and exciting flavors.

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Hey Tea Singapore Outlet Address & Hours

OutletLocationContactOperating HoursServices
HEYTEA @ ION2 Orchard Turn #B4-29 ION Orchard6908 0019Mon-Sun 11 am – 10 pmTakeaway· Delivery
HEYTEA @ Orchard CentralSingaporeNot specifiedMonday-Sunday 11am-10pmTakeaway· Delivery
HEYTEA @ Marina Bay Sands2 Bayfront Ave, #01-73/746688 7347Monday-Thursday 10:30am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 10:30am-11pm, Sunday 10:30am-10pmTakeaway· Delivery
HEYTEA @ VivoCity1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-111 VivoCity6255 0214Monday-Thursday 12noon-9:30pm, Friday-Sunday 11am-10pmTakeaway· Delivery
HEYTEA @ Westgate3 Gateway Drive, Jurong East, #01-25 Westgate6261 0929Monday-Thursday 12noon-9:30pm, Friday-Sunday 11am-10pmDine-in· Takeaway· No-contact delivery

YumVim took all the images and prices from the official sources of Hey Tea Singapore.

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