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Attention foodies! Are you in search of the latest Level33 Singapore Menu? Look no further – your search ends here. Explore their extensive menu featuring vibrant images and current prices, all sourced directly from Level33 Singapore’s official channels.

Level33 Singapore Menu
Image by Level33 Singapore

Level33 Singapore Menu Categories

The menu of Level33 can be categorized as

  • Starters
  • Mains
  • Grill
  • Curry
  • Sides
  • Desserts
  • Beers
  • Bubbly & Wines
  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Lets see them in detail one by one. All the prices mentioned below are in Singapore dollars.

Level33 Starters Menu With Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Sustainable Fremantle OctopusCharcoal grilled octopus, nduja, roasted peppers, saffron potato, ink aioliSGD 34.00
ChawanmushiHokkaido scallops, dashi, Yarra Valley roe, seaweedSGD 28.00
Roasted Heirloom CarrotHeirloom carrots, pistachio arugula pesto, Meredith Valley goat feta, pine nut granola, Stout balsamicSGD 26.00
Heirloom TomatoStracciatella cheese, compressed grapes, seaweed caviar, malt crisps, smoked evoo, aged balsamicSGD 24.00
Beef TartareHand-cut, nam jim, free-range egg yolk, pickled cabbage, spent grain lavoshSGD 27.00
 Level33 Menu

Level33 Mains Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Free-range Australian Lamb RumpSmoked maple glaze, eggplant, slow-roasted tomato, citrus labnehSGD 54.00
Whole Roasted Palermo PepperWild rice & black bean succotash, macadamia romesco, sorrelSGD 36.00
Free-range Australian Pork CollarMiso & Blond Lager glaze, white kimchi, roasted pear, celeriacSGD 42.00
Housemade Spent Grain Pasta of the DayVegetarian option availableMarket Price
Local SeabassSquid noodles, saffron beer beurre blanc, watercress saladSGD 39.00
Barley & Farro RisottoLocal Mushroom, shiitake butter, chivesSGD 25.00 / 39.00
Sharing Fish of the DayServed with seasonal garnishMarket Price

Level33 Grill Menu Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
LeVeL33 Exclusive Signature CutKoji & Spent Grain Dry Aged Westholme Wagyu Rump CapSGD 80.00
Westholme Wagyu BavettePasture-fed, grain-finished MBS6-7 Queensland, Australia, 200gSGD 68.00
Little Joe Sirloin100% Pasture fed MBS4+ Victoria, Australia, 300gSGD 84.00
Portoro SirloinPasture-fed, grain-finished MBS4+ New South Wales, Australia, 250gSGD 64.00
Sharing Cut of the DaySlow-roasted tomato, IPA & honey-roasted garlic, housemade sauces & choice of 2 sidesMarket Price
Add-OnsIPA onion-roasted yeast Café de Paris butter, Beef fat bordelaise sauce, Stout & Red wine & Stout jus, ChimichurriSGD 4.00 per add on
 Level33 Menu Grilled

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Level 33 Sides Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Housemade Spent Grain & Herb FocacciaStout Balsamic, evooSGD 4.00
Market VegetablesSalsa verde, Olsson’s smoked saltSGD 15.00
Truffle & Parmesan FriesSGD 16.00
Paris MashSmoked evooSGD 15.00
Heirloom Tomato SaladPickled onion, olive, parsley, sherry vinegarSGD 14.00
IPA & Honey Roasted Heirloom CarrotsPistachio dukkah, labnehSGD 16.00
Local Leaves Salad from Just ProduceOrange, radish, herbs, Blond Lager & verjuice dressingSGD 12.00
Stout Braised Mushroom RaguSeaweed butter, chivesSGD 15.00
 Level33 Menu Prices

Level33 Singapore Menu Desserts Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Spent Grain Banoffee TartDulce de Leche, Valrhoa chocolate mousse, banana cream, dehydrated bananaSGD 18.00
Burnt PavlovaCoconut chantilly, seasonal fruitSGD 18.00
Organic Coffee & Stout CappucinoPanna Cotta, chantilly, Stout jelly & caramel, chocolateSGD 18.00
Tea TiramisuMatcha, earl grey, thai milk tea, vanilla mascarpone, pistachioSGD 18.00
Mango & Coconut ParfaitMango & lime salsa, torched rum compressed pineapple, pecan & almond brittleSGD 18.00
LeVeL33 Beer Ice CreamSGD 10.00
Seasonal Fruit SorbetSeasonal BerriesSGD 10.00
LOCABA Vegan Gelato Peanut Butter & Raspberry SwirlFree of refined sugarSGD 10.00
 Level33 Singapore Desserts Menu

Level33 Beers Prices

Menu ItemPrice
LeVeL33 Hoppy 13SGD 8.00
33.1 Blond LagerSGD 6.50
33.15 India Pale AleSGD 6.50
33.9 Wheat BeerSGD 6.50
IMPOSSIBLE Ale (alc. 3.5%)SGD 6.50
LeVeL33 Siphon (2L)From SGD 73.50
LeVeL33 0.3l Lager GlassSGD 11.90
LeVeL33 0.5l Lager GlassSGD 16.90
LeVeL33 0.3l Ale GlassSGD 11.90
LeVeL33 0.5l Ale GlassSGD 16.90
LeVeL33 Brut Beer canSGD 9.90
LeVeL33 Party Keg – 20L Blond LagerSGD 388.00
LeVeL33 Party Keg – 20L Wheat BeerSGD 388.00
LeVeL33 Party Keg – 20L IPASGD 388.00
 Level33 Beer Menu

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Level33 Bubbly & Wines Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
47 Anno Domini, Prosecco, VenetoVeganSGD 110.00
Sauvignon BlancSatyr, Marlborough, New ZealandSGD 88.00
Pinot NoirSatyr, Hawke’s Bay, New ZealandSGD 88.00

Level33 Non-Alcoholic Drinks Prices

Menu ItemPrice
CokeSGD 6.50
Coke ZeroSGD 6.50
SpriteSGD 6.50

Is Level33 Halal?

NO, Level33 Singapore is not Halal.

YumVim’s Review Of Level33 Singapore.

Just had an amazing food adventure at LeVeL33! This place isn’t just about the views; their starters are a delight. I went for the Fremantle Octopus first – perfectly grilled with a smoky taste, paired with saffron potatoes and a unique ink aioli, it was a dish I won’t forget.

Their Chawanmushi is something else; silky smooth with a savory dashi broth, topped with scallops and roe, every spoonful was a taste of heaven. And those heirloom carrots, roasted with a nutty, herby pesto, were a veggie dream.

The mains? They knocked it out of the park. The Australian Lamb Rump was succulent and the smoked maple glaze added just the right sweetness. The vegetarian pasta was fresh, changing daily, which I think is a cool touch – always something new to try.

Now, the beers – they brew their own and each has a unique twist. The Hoppy 13 was my pick, and it was refreshingly crisp. Pairing these with their housemade focaccia, you get a combo that’s hard to beat.

Dessert was a showdown of sweet treats. The Banoffee Tart, A decadent end to the meal with layers of flavor, thanks to the dulce de leche and Valrhona chocolate.

LeVeL33 has set the bar high. Great food, craft beers, and that view? Definitely a must-try in Singapore.

Level33 Singapore Outlet Location & Operating Hours

  • Address
    • #33-01, 8 Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, Singapore 018981
  • Contact No.
    • +65 6834 3133
  • Operating Hours
    • Monday
      • 12:00 Pm – 11:00 Pm
    • Tuesday
      • 12:00 Pm – 11:00 Pm
    • Wednesday
      • 12:00 Pm – 11:00 Pm
    • Thursday
      • 12:00 Pm – 11:00 Pm
    • Friday
      • 12:00 Pm – 11:00 Pm
    • Saturday
      • 12:00 Pm – 11:00 Pm
    • Sunday
      • 12:00 Pm – 11:00 Pm

Yumvim took all the images and prices from the following official sources of Level33 Singapore.

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