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Attention food lovers! Are you in search of the latest Miam Miam Singapore Menu? Look no further – your search ends here. Explore their extensive menu featuring vibrant images and current prices, all sourced directly from Miam Miam Singapore’s official channels.

Miam Miam Singapore Menu
Image by Miam Miam Singapore

Miam Miam Singapore Menu Categories

The menu of Miam Miam can be categorized as

  • Starters
  • Mains
  • Small Bites
  • Desserts
  • Kids Menu
  • Drinks

Lets see them in detail one by one. All the prices mentioned below are and are in Singapore dollars.

Miam Miam Starters Menu With Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Smoked Salmon Ikura SaladDelectable, smoky salmon with crispy greens and nori. Topped with Ikura and sweet tangy homemade Yuzu orange dressing.SGD 12.90
Japanese Tofu SaladA nutritional salad with a various good mix of greens, drizzled with very own wafu dressing.SGD 9.50
Asari Clam SoupA hearty bowl of clear clam soup with Japanese tofu and shimeiji mushrooms.SGD 9.90
Truffle Oil Onsen Egg Mushroom SoupRich and earthy mushroom soup infused with aromatic truffle oil. Accompanied by our all-time favorite onsen egg to satisfy your palate.SGD 8.50
Miam Miam Menu

Miam Miam Mains Menu Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Miam Miam SpaghettiServed al dente, ideal texture for pasta! With sautéed frankfurters, tomatoes, baby spinach and bacon. Tossed with French butter, our secret broth and shoyu.SGD 17.20
Miam Miam Spaghetti (Vegetarian)No meat, no egg but still 100% our signature Miam Miam spaghetti!SGD 15.90
Chicken Teriyaki SpaghettiPan-seared chicken with Japanese leeks slathered with Nippon sauce and bacon.SGD 16.90
Lobster Bisque Sauce with LobsterEnjoy the best of both worlds with this rich, savory and silky-smooth lobster bisque sauce.Half Lobster: SGD 28.90 Whole Lobster: SGD 38.90
Lobster Bisque with CrayfishCrayfish topped with savory and silky-smooth lobster bisque, slow-cooked to perfection.SGD 23.90
Seafood Tomato CreamLight tomato-cream base pasta topped with garlic mayonnaise.SGD 17.90
Ocean ArrabbiataMussels, squid, clams and prawns, served with our homemade Pomodoro and spices.SGD 17.20
Truffle CarbonaraLightly creamed pasta tossed with truffle pasta and premium back bacon, shimeiji mushroom and parmesan cheese.SGD 18.90
CarbonaraLightly creamed pasta tossed with premium back bacon, shimeiji mushrooms, parmesan cheese and a fresh egg yolk.SGD 15.90
Mentaiko Squid InkFresh crab meat-topped with gratinated homemade cod roe mayo on squid ink Aglio Olio pasta with prawn, asparagus and chilli.SGD 21.90
Mentaiko Crab Aglio OlioMentaiko crab and aglio olio with prawn.SGD 20.90
Creamy Miso With Squid Ink PastaWhole squid seared with creamy miso butter, squid ink Aglio olio style pasta and topped it off with tongarashi.SGD 26.90
Teriyaki Barramundi PastaBarramundi fillet grilled with Teriyaki sauce, spaghetti with French butter and Japanese Shoyu sauce and topped with a slow-cooked Onsen egg.SGD 25.90
Mac & CheeseOven-baked fresh pasta shells with four types of cheese served with crunchy Japanese breadcrumbs.SGD 15.50
ArrabbiataSpicy tomato-based pasta with zucchini, eggplant and bacon with homemade Pomodoro sauce and parmesan cheese, choice of veg or non-veg.SGD 15.90
Soufflé De NaugeHome-style fresh tomato sautéed rice with premium pork bacon topped with fluffy clouds of egg and cheese!SGD 17.90
Curry Mushroom Souffle RiceCheese baked rice with shimeiji and button mushrooms, topped with fluffy baked soufflé.SGD 17.50
Soufflé Au CurryBaked rice with homemade Japanese curry rice, pork frankfurters and broccoli, topped with fluffy clouds of egg and cheese!SGD 18.50
Riz Noir Squid Ink RiceBlack rice baked with assorted seafood, premium anchovies, Omu egg, served with petite salad on the side.SGD 17.50
Riz Au CurryBaked rice with homemade delicious Japanese curry, pork frankfurters, broccoli, cheese and egg.SGD 16.50
Mentaiko Crab Riz Noir Squid Ink RiceFresh crab meat topped with gratinated homemade cod roe mayo, on a bed of squid ink rice.SGD 18.90
Teriyaki Pork Chop with Vin-rouge RisottoTeriyaki pork chop, red wine French onion Japanese risotto, streaky bacon, grilled tomatoes.SGD 25.90
Tender Striploin Foie Gras DonburiSeared tender striploin topped with lightly-seared foie gras, onsen egg.No Foie Gras: SGD 26.90 With Foie Gras: SGD 33.90
Tender Striploin Foie Gras DonburiDonburi rice with pan-seared tender striploin with lightly seared foie gras and onsen egg.No Foie Gras: SGD 22.90 With Foie Gras: SGD 29.90
Seared Seabass DonburiFragrant Japanese rice sautéed with special sauce, topped with seabass fish, radish and crisp cucumber.SGD 16.90
Shogayaki Pork DonburiFragrant Japanese rice sautéed with special sauce, filled with pork fillet marinated with ginger and shoyu, wafu tofu, baby radish and cucumber.SGD 16.50
Glazed Teriyaki Chicken DonburiSucculent chicken chunks and Japanese leeks glazed with Nippon sauce, topped with wafu tofu, baby radish and crisp cucumber.SGD 15.50
Miam Miam Menu Prices

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Miam Miam Small Bites Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Crispy Calamari RingsCrispy calamari rings fried to perfection, served with miso mayonnaise and candied lemon wedge.SGD 11.90
Gratin of MushroomFragrant mushrooms baked in homemade gratin sauce, topped with toasted bacon and tomatoes.SGD 10.90
Clam Du JusSautéed baby clams with onions, leeks and shimeiji mushrooms. An excellent starter for small bites!SGD 7.90
Baked Miso Honey WingsWings marinated with miso and honey, sprinkled with black and white sesame.SGD 10.90 (8 Pcs)
12 Pcs: SGD 14.90
Mentaiko Mayo FriesStraight cut fries with Japanese mayo and homemade Mentaiko sauce.SGD 9.90
Parmesan Truffle FriesStraight cut fries infused with truffle oil and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.SGD 11.90
Japanese Fried Wing (Original)Palate-pleasing Japanese chicken wings for a satisfying addition to your main or simply enjoy them on their own.6 Pcs: SGD 10.90
12 Pcs: SGD 16.90
Japanese Fried Wing (Spicy Teriyaki)Fried Chicken wings with the right amount of tangy flavour with a touch of heat!6 Pcs: SGD 11.90
12 Pcs: SGD 17.90
Miam Miam Menu Items

Miam Miam Desserts Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Truffle Chocolate PancakeSymphony of chocolate for chocolate lovers. With rich chocolate sauce, freshly made chocolate cream, chocolate truffles and finished with golden choc-flakes.SGD 13.80
Houjicha PancakeOriginal pancake topped with handmade Houjicha (Japanese pot-roasted green tea) whipped soybean mix coated Dango balls and Azuki red beans. Served with brown sugar syrup.SGD 13.80
Caramelised Banana PancakeOriginal Pancake topped with Hokkaido Milk Gelato, served with bananas cooked in a deep golden caramel sauce, garnished with toasted almond nibs!SGD 13.80
Original PancakeNobody will judge you if you prefer classic and original! Our original soufflé style pancake will never go wrong!SGD 8.80
Matcha PancakeOur signature pancake with Matcha powder for Matcha lovers!SGD 9.80
Valrhona Chocolate SouffléMelted Valrhona Chocolate on top of a soufflé.SGD 13.80
Matcha SouffléSoufflé with finest grade Matcha powder for Matcha lovers!SGD 11.80
Vanilla SouffléMade with homemade vanilla custard and folded with light and airy meringue.SGD 9.80
Kuro Goma SouffléBlack sesame soufflé, crispy on the edges and soft inside.SGD 10.80
Crème BrûléeSmooth and creamy baked custard with a caramelized top.SGD 8.80
Chocolate MoulleauxDark chocolate cake with a molten core served with gelato.SGD 9.80
Famous French ToastClassic French toast drizzled with maple syrup and vanilla whipped cream.SGD 11.80 (+$1 for dark chocolate sauce)
Berry Loving Fuwa Fuwa PancakeFluffy pancake topped with berries, gelato, berry sauces, and jam.SGD 15.80
Choco Fuwa Fuwa PancakeFluffy pancake topped with chocolate gelato and vanilla cream sauce.SGD 15.80
Tiramisu Fuwa Fuwa PancakeFluffy pancake with cocoa powder Tiramisu gelato.SGD 15.80
Hokkaido Milky WayHokkaido Milk Gelato with rainbow beads, marshmallows, and raspberry coulis.SGD 9.80
Fraises Au JardinStrawberry gelato topped with raspberry coulis, fresh strawberries, and blueberries.SGD 9.80
Je T’aime Choco SwirlChocolate gelato.SGD 9.80
Single Scoop GelatoHokkaido Milk, Chocolate, Matcha, StrawberrySGD 4.80
Miam Miam Desserts Menu

Miam Miam Kids Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Tomato Pasta with Chicken FingersDelicious tomato pasta, served with chicken fingers, healthy carrots, and corn.SGD 9.50
Creamy Pasta with Chicken FingersClassic cream pasta, served with chicken fingers, healthy carrots, and corn.SGD 9.50

Miam Miam Drinks Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Hot Matcha LatteWhisked under a delicate temperature with steamed milk, forming a balance between sweet and matcha taste!SGD 6.80
Ice Matcha LatteCold mixtures of milk and matcha, pleasant to the palate, sweet and calming to the gullet!SGD 7.80
Hot Matcha (Non-sweetened)Stone-ground top-grade Japanese Matcha, boiled and whisked. Full-bodied aromatic and filled with plenty of antioxidants too!SGD 6.20
Ice Matcha (Non-sweetened)Chilled non-sweet option of the finest grade Japanese Matcha. Always a healthy alternative!SGD 6.80
Ice Yuzu Lemon TeaTea infused with yuzu and lemon-flavored thirst quencher.SGD 5.90 Sharing Carafe – SGD 8.90
Iced Fruit TeaA truly delightful fruit tea with a combination of strawberry, orange, peach, lime…SGD 5.90 Sharing Carafe – SGD 8.90
Hot Fruit TeaCombinations of strawberry, orange, peach, lime, sour plum, and mint leaves. Perfect for a vibrant day!SGD 6.90
Hot Yuzu Lemon TeaDistinctive citrus taste with the combination of aromatic black tea!SGD 6.90
Miam Miam HazeEarl Grey tea with steamed milk and homemade vanilla syrup.SGD 5.80
Iced Earl Grey Tea / Iced TeaCup: SGD 4.20
Carafe: SGD 7
Pot of TeaEarl Grey Tea / English Breakfast / Chamomile TeaSGD 6.20 / SGD 6.20 / SGD 6.90
Hot/Iced Cafe Au LaitEqual portions of steamed milk and coffee.Hot: SGD 5.80
Iced: SGD 6.20
CoffeeFreshly ground beans for that extra aroma to perk you up!SGD 4.80
CappuccinoEspresso coffee with a perfect froth, have a milky mustache!SGD 5.80
Hot/Iced ChocolateCocoa powder and steamed milk, drizzled with chocolate syrup.Hot: SGD 5.80
Iced: SGD 6.20
EspressoA little cup of coffee bean to kick things into gear.SGD 4
Ice Hand Dripped CoffeeSlow drip coffee with a richer and bolder flavor.SGD 5.90
Hot/Iced Café LatteSingle shot espresso with steamed milk.Hot: SGD 5.80
Iced: SGD 6.80
Hot/Iced Café MochaEspresso and steamed milk with chocolate.Hot: SGD 6.20
Iced: SGD 7.20
Yuzu Jello SodaRefreshing Japanese Citrus soda with fresh mint and citron jelly.SGD 7.80
Berries SodaA refreshing summertime drink with fresh berries and mint leaves. Berry cool!SGD 7.80
FloatCoke Zero, Coke, Sprite, Root BeerSGD 5.80
Soft DrinksCoke Zero, Coke, Sprite, Root BeerSGD 3.80
Detox WaterInfused water with cucumber, lemon, and mint leaves. (Non-refillable)Single Serving: SGD 1.00 Carafe: SGD 1.50
JuiceOrange, Apple, LimeWith Ice: SGD 4.20
No Ice: SGD 5
Fresh Milk (Cold/Warm)SGD 4.20
Evian Water (330ml)SGD 2.90
Asahi BeerBottle (330ml): SGD 9.00
Bucket of 5: SGD 39.90
Les Foncanelles Chardonnay(Bottle)SGD 52.00
Les Foncanelles Cabernet Sauvignon(Bottle)SGD 52.00
Miam Miam Drinks Menu

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Is Miam Miam Halal?

NO. Miam Miam Singapore is not Halal.

YumVim’s Review Of Miam Miam Singapore.

Miam Miam is a delightful haven for food enthusiasts seeking an exquisite blend of French-Japanese fusion cuisine. Let’s explore their diverse menu, brimming with tantalizing starters, mouthwatering mains, delectable small bites, heavenly desserts, and refreshing drinks:

Start your culinary journey with the Smoked Salmon Ikura Salad, featuring succulent smoked salmon atop a bed of crisp greens, garnished with nori and drizzled with a tangy homemade Yuzu orange dressing. For a lighter option, the Japanese Tofu Salad offers a nutritious mix of greens tossed in wafu dressing.

Indulge in comforting soups like the Asari Clam Soup, a hearty bowl of clear clam soup with Japanese tofu and shimeji mushrooms, or the Truffle Oil Onsen Egg Mushroom Soup, boasting a rich, earthy mushroom flavor infused with aromatic truffle oil and served with a velvety onsen egg.

For mains, the Miam Miam Spaghetti steals the spotlight with sautéed frankfurters, tomatoes, baby spinach, and bacon, tossed in French butter, secret broth, and shoyu. Seafood lovers will relish the Ocean Arrabbiata, a spicy tomato-based pasta teeming with mussels, squid, clams, and prawns.

Small bites offer delightful options like Crispy Calamari Rings and Mentaiko Mayo Fries, while desserts like the Truffle Chocolate Pancake and Berry Loving Fuwa Fuwa Pancake promise a sweet symphony of flavors.

Quench your thirst with refreshing beverages like Ice Yuzu Lemon Tea or indulge in a decadent Hot Matcha Latte. For those seeking a spirited libation, Asahi Beer or Les Foncanelles Chardonnay offer a perfect complement to your meal.

Miam Miam’s menu is a celebration of culinary creativity and exquisite flavors, promising a dining experience that tantalizes the taste buds and leaves a lasting impression.

Miam Miam Singapore Outlet Locations & Contact

Outlet LocationAddressContact
Bugis Junction#02-14 Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street,
Singapore 188021
+65 6254 1434
Westgate#02-27/29 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive,
Singapore 608532
+65 6254 1434

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