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Attention Italian food lovers! Are you in search of the latest Monti Singapore Menu? Look no further – your search ends here. Explore their extensive menu featuring vibrant images and current prices, all sourced directly from Monti Singapore’s official channels.

Monti Singapore Menu
Image by Monti Singapore

Monti Singapore Menu Categories

The menu of Monti can be categorized as

  • Antipasti
  • Soup
  • Pasta
  • Ravioli
  • Main Course
  • Fiorentina Experience
  • Sides
  • Desserts

Lets see them in detail one by one. All the prices mentioned below are in Singapore dollars.

Monti Antipasti Menu With Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
BUFFALO BURRATINACherry Tomatoes, Pesto Genovese, Purple Endives, Pine Nuts, Aged Balsamic ReductionSGD 38.00
(Min 2 Pax)
Chef’s Selection of Cold Cuts & Italian Cheeses, Bruschetta with Tomato & Stracciatella, Herbs and Honey Ricotta with Rye BreadSGD 28.00/Pax
ROASTED HOKKAIDO SCALLOPSTiger Prawn, Crispy Guanciale, Pasta Crisps, Black Pepper & Free Range Yolk Sauce, Seasonal TrufflesSGD 52.00
CURED YELLOWTAILRed Apples, Lime Caviar, Pink Radish, Acquerello Rice Puff, Raspberry GelSGD 38.00
WAGYU BEEF TARTAREMustard, Cane Sugar, Raw Egg Yolk, Capers, Pickles, Red Onion Sorbet, Fried Rye Bread, 25 Years Aged Balsamic VinegarSGD 38.00
ROASTED GILMAR OCTOPUSAsparagus Salad, Caper Berries, Smoked Cream, Tomato Marmalade, Saffron VinegarSGD 38.00
EGGPLANT PARMIGIANA Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Basil, Marinated Tomatoes, Wild Rocket, Caper BerriesSGD 32.00
Monti Menu

Monti Soup Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
SOUP OF THE DAYPlease check with Service StaffSGD 22.00
SEAFOOD STEWTiger Prawns, Mussels, Patagonian Squids, Lobster Broth, Basil, Cherry Tomatoes, CapersSGD 30.00

Monti Pasta Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
SPAGHETTI ALLA CHITARRATiger Prawns, Hokkaido Scallops, New Zealand Mussels, Sardinia Bottarga, Lobster Sauce, Lemon CrumbsSGD 64.00
TRUFFLE TAGLIOLINIHouse-Made Seasonal Truffle Butter, Parmigiano Reggiano Aged 24 Months, Fresh Seasonal TrufflesSGD 45.00
PAPPARDELLEU.S. Rabbit Ragout, Preboggion, Taggiasca Olives, Toasted Pine Nuts, Pecorino CheeseSGD 42.00
ACQUERELLO RISOTTO Seasonal Truffles, Aged Parmigiano ReggianoSGD 48.00

Monti Ravioli Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
LOBSTER & PRAWN MEZZELUNELobster Tail, Fresh Sugar Snap Peas, Lemon Zest, Tomato & Lobster SauceSGD 58.00
PUMPKIN TORTELLIButternut Pumpkin, Fruit Mustard, Amaretti, Sage Powder, Pecorino Cheese Fondue, Veal JusSGD 38.00
PANSOTTIRicotta Cheese, Marjoram, Spinach, Walnut Sauce “Sugo Di Noci”SGD 36.00
Monti Menu Prices

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Monti Main Course Menu Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
FISH OF THE DAYPlease check with Service StaffMarket Price
PAN-SEARED BLACK CODItalian Beans “Guazzetto”, Sautéed Baby Spinach, Dried Apricots, Toasted Almond FlakesSGD 62.00
ROASTED DRY-AGED MEDITERRANEAN “OMBRINA”Dry Aged Meagre, Purple Cabbage, Mushroom Essence, Jerusalem Artichoke PureeSGD 58.00
GRILLED FERMIN IBERICO PORK PLUMASoft Polenta, Pickled Onion Petals, Asparagus, Marsala Wine JusSGD 56.00
US PRIME RIBEYE “TAGLIATA” STYLE (250 G)Rosemary Marble Potatoes, Sautéed Porcini Mushrooms, Whole Grain Mustard, Beef JusSGD 79.00
48 HOURS SLOW-COOKED US PRIME SHORT RIBSSeasonal Vegetables, Citrus Crumbs, Parsnip Puree, Lemon Scented Veal JusSGD 76.00
ROASTED WHITE PYRENEES LAMB RACKChickpea & Parmigiano Crust, Yoghurt, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Sundried Tomato Tapenade, Banana ShallotsSGD 58.00
MORGAN RANCH US PRIME OP RIB (500G) Serves 2 PaxTomatoes on Vine, Salsa VerdeSGD 148.00
Monti Menu Main Course

Monti Menu Fiorentina Experience

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
Australia’s award-winning Wagyu beef, achieving back-to-back Grand Champion titles at Wagyu Branded Beef Awards. Sourced from breeding herds in New South Wales and Victoria, elevated over 1000m above sea level, Stone Axe’s Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu thrives in a low-stress environment. (serves 3-4 pax)
SGD 348.00
SANCHOKU F1 WAGYU T-BONE (1.1KG)Marbling score: MB5
Indulge in the richness of our consistently outstanding Wagyu, cultivated in the pristine and lush green pastures of the Gulf region in Northern Queensland, Australia. To enhance marbling, tenderness, and flavor, our cattle are carefully transitioned to a diet of natural grains and oats for a period of 300 days. (serves 3-4 pax)
SGD 318.00
Monti Menu Items

Monti Sides Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
SAUTÉED ASPARAGUSQuinoa, White Corn & Tomato SalsaSGD 16.00
ROASTED BRUSSEL SPROUTSPancetta, Garlic, PistachiosSGD 16.00
ROASTED MUSHROOMSGarlic, Parsley, White Truffle OilSGD 14.00
CREAM OF SPINACHRaisin, Pine NutsSGD 16.00
Monti Menu Singapore

Monti Desserts Prices

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice
CLASSIC TIRAMISÚEspresso, Mascarpone Cheese, Savoiardi Biscuits, Cocoa Powder, Marsala WineSGD 25.00
DARK CHOCOLATE FONDANT64% Dark Chocolate, Forest Berries, Coffee and Pistachio Crumble, Olive Oil GelatoSGD 22.00
SICILIAN CASSATARicotta Cheese, Rum, Candied Fruits, Hazelnuts, Lemon Verbena Gel, Dark ChocolateSGD 22.00
CROSTATAStrawberry Jam, Mandarin Orange Sorbet, Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Fresh Strawberries, Lime Meringue, Apple SnowSGD 24.00
POACHED WILLIAM PEARMoscato, Vanilla Snow, Strawberry Leather, Burnt Oranges, Caramelized Figs GelatoSGD 24.00
BOMBAHazelnut Praline Mousse, Crunchy Feuilletine Base, Hot Berries CompoteSGD 26.00
CHEF’S SELECTION OF CHEESEDried Fruits, Toasted Nuts, Marmalade, Cheese CrackersSGD 32.00 /
SGD 46.00
Monti Desserts Menu

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Is Monti Halal?

NO. Monti Singapore is not Halal.

YumVim’s Review Of Monti Singapore.

Stepping into Monti is like entering a culinary paradise where Italian cuisine meets elegance and creativity. My visit to Monti was nothing short of spectacular, with a menu that promised an exciting journey through Italy’s rich flavors and innovative dishes.

Starting with the antipasti, the Buffalo Burratina was a revelation. The combination of creamy burratina with the sweetness of cherry tomatoes, the zing of pesto Genovese, and the crunch of pine nuts, all drizzled with aged balsamic reduction, set the tone for an unforgettable meal. The Roasted Hokkaido Scallops, adorned with tiger prawn and crispy guanciale, were a masterpiece, showcasing the perfect balance between sea sweetness and a hint of pepper.

The pasta section did not disappoint either. The Spaghetti Alla Chitarra, with its generous serving of seafood and the richness of lobster sauce, was a dish that transported me straight to the Italian coastline. The Truffle Tagliolini, simple yet luxurious with its house-made truffle butter, was a testament to the magic of high-quality ingredients treated with respect.

The main courses were a highlight. The Pan-Seared Black Cod was cooked to perfection, its flaky texture complementing the Italian beans guazzetto beautifully. The US Prime Ribeye “Tagliata” style was another standout, with its succulent meat and aromatic rosemary potatoes.

No meal at Monti would be complete without indulging in their desserts. The Classic Tiramisú was a comforting end to the meal, balancing the bitterness of espresso with the sweetness of mascarpone cheese.

Monti, with its breathtaking views, impeccable service, and a menu that delights and surprises, is a must-visit for anyone looking to indulge in the finest Italian cuisine in Singapore. It’s an experience that lingers in your memory long after the last bite.

Monti Singapore Outlet Location & Operating Hours

  • Address
    • 82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049327
  • Operating Hours
    • Monday – Friday
      • 11.30 am – 2.30 pm, 6 pm – 11.30 pm
    • Sat – Sun
      • 11 am – 2.30 pm, 6 pm – 11.30pm

Yumvim took all the images and prices from the following official sources of Monti Singapore.

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