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Hello halal Chinese food lovers! Are you in search of the latest latest Old Chang Kee Menu? Look no further – your search ends here. Explore their extensive menu featuring vibrant images and current prices, all sourced directly from Old Chang Kee Singapore’s official channels.

Old Chang Kee Singapore Menu Categories

The menu of Old Chang Kee can be categorized as

  • Nasi Lemak
  • Meals
  • Bee Hoon
  • Snacks
  • Snack Bundles
  • Platters
  • Drinks

Lets see them in detail one by one. All the prices mentioned below are in Singapore dollars.

old chang kee Singapore

Old Chang Kee Nasi Lemak Menu With Prices

Dish NameDescriptionPrice
Nasi Lemak With Chicken WingComes with Rice, Ikan Bilis & Peanuts, Cucumber, Fried Egg, Sambal Chilli.SGD 7.40
Nasi Lemak With OtahComes with Rice, Ikan Bilis & Peanuts, Cucumber, Fried Egg, Sambal Chilli.SGD 7.40
Nasi Lemak With Fish FilletComes with Rice, Ikan Bilis & Peanuts, Cucumber, Fried Egg, Sambal Chilli.SGD 7.40
Nasi Lemak With Dry Curry ChickenComes with Rice, Ikan Bilis & Peanuts, Cucumber, Fried Egg, Sambal Chilli.SGD 7.40

Old Chang Kee Meal Price

Dish NameDescriptionPrice
Curry Chicken RiceMoist, tender, rich curry chicken & served with riceSGD 7.40

Old Chang Kee Bee Hoon Prices

Dish NameDescriptionPrice
Bee Hoon Set BComes with Dry Mee Siam Bee Hoon, Chicken Wing, Fishball OnStikSGD 7.00
Dry Mee Siam Bee HoonSGD 3.50

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Old Chang Kee Menu Snacks Prices

Dish NameDescriptionPrice
Curry’OClassic curry puff stuffed full of curried potatoes, chicken, and a slice of egg, slightly spicySGD 2.10
Sardine’OSardine and onions simmered with zesty tomato and red chilies, slightly spicySGD 2.10
Mushroom Chicken’OBack by Popular Demand!SGD 2.10
Spring’OCrispy spring roll with turnips and carrots, non-spicySGD 2.20
Gyoza OnStikFried Japanese dumpling that gives it its rich umami flavor, non-spicySGD 2.30
Black Sesame BallGlutinous rice balls filled with sweet and gooey sesame pasteSGD 2.00
Fishball OnStikSpringy flavorful fish balls, non-spicySGD 2.00
Big Fishball OnStikSupersize fishballs on a stick, non-spicySGD 2.90
Tiger Prawn OnStikFilled with minced tiger prawn & fish meat, fried to crispy golden perfectionSGD 2.30
Crab Nugget OnStikTaste the goodness of crab nuggets that are delicious, non-spicySGD 2.30
Prawn Nugget OnStikBreaded prawns cooked till perfectly browned, non-spicySGD 2.30
Cheezy Fish Finger OnStikCheezy Fish Finger back in a stick!!! Comes with 3pcs per stickSGD 2.30
Chicken WingCrispy chicken wings cooked till perfectly brown while retaining its juicy succulence, non-spicySGD 2.40
Chicken Nugget OnStikTender chicken nuggets cooked to a crisp golden finish, non-spicySGD 2.30
Cheezy Chicken Sausage OnStikChicken sausages filled to the core with creamy melted cheese, non-spicySGD 2.30
Cheezy Chicken Ball OnStikChicken balls filled to the core with creamy melted cheese, non-spicySGD 2.30
Chicken Chunky PopsSGD 3.90

Old Chang Kee Menu Snack Bundles Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Curry’O Box of 10 (Free Curry’O x 2)SGD 21.01
Fishball OnStik Box of 10 (Free Curry’O x 2)SGD 20.00
Chicken Wing Box of 10 (Free Curry’O x 2)SGD 24.00
Spring’O Box of 10 (Free Curry’O x 2)SGD 22.00

Old Change Kee Platters Menu Prices

Platter ItemsPrice
Platter A – 4 to 6 Pax
Any 4 Puffs
Small Fish Ball 4 pcs
Cheezy Chicken Ball 4pcs
Crab Nuggets 4 pcs
Chicken Wings 4 pcs
Sotong Ball 4 pcs
Curly Fries
SGD 28.80
Platter B – 4 to 6 Pax
Chicken Skin
Curly Fries
Luncheoun Meat Fries
Cheesy Sausages 8 pcs
Chicken Chunky Pops 8 pcs
Gyoza 4 pcs
SGD 28.80
Platter C – 4 to 6 Pax
Chicken Nuggets 4 pcs
Spring Roll 2 pcs
Lobster Ball 4 pcs
2 Big Fish Ball
Curly Fries
Crab Nuggets 4 pcs
Chicken Wings 4 pcs
SGD 28.80
Old Chang Kee Platter A
Old Chang Kee Platter B
Old Chang Kee Platter C

Old Chang Kee Menu Set Meals Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Set Meal A for 6 Pax
Chicken Rice Food ball 10 pcs
Whole Chicken Baked
Mixed Vegetables
Big Fish Ball 3 pcs
Chicken Chunky Pops 6 pcs
Prawn Nugget 6 pcs
Mini Sesame Ball 6 pcs
SGD 48.90
Set Meal B – 4 to 6 Pax
Food Ball Bread with Curry Chicken
Big Fish Ball 2 pcs
Lobster Ball 4 Pcs
Chicken Chunky Pops 4 pcs
Cheesy Sausage 4 pcs
Gyoza 4 pcs
Mixed Vegetables
Mini Sesame Ball 6 pcs
SGD 38.80
Set Meal C for 6 pax
Braised Beehoon
Big Fish Ball 2 pcs
Chicken Wings 4 pcs
Cheese Sausage 8 pcs
Luncheon Meat Fries
Spring Roll 2 pcs
Mini Sesame Ball 4 pcs
SGD 32.80
Old Chang Kee Set Meal A
Old Chang Kee Set Meal B Price
Old Chang Kee Menu Set Meal C

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Old Chang Kee Drinks Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Coke – IcedSGD 2.10
Sprite – IcedSGD 2.10
Bottled WaterSGD 1.60

YumVim’s Review Of Old Chang Kee Singapore

Title: Old Chang Kee’s Culinary Adventure

Old Chang Kee is a heaven for those who want Halal Chinese food., where each bite tells a story of Singaporean flavors. Start your feast with their Nasi Lemak varieties – from the classic Chicken Wing to the aromatic Dry Curry Chicken, every plate is a symphony of taste.

If you’re a fan of bites with a crunch, explore Old Chang Kee’s snack haven. The iconic Curry’O, Sardine’O, and Mushroom Chicken’O are crispy parcels of delight. Each snack carries a burst of flavors, showcasing the brand’s commitment to perfecting the art of snacking.

For those looking to share the joy, dive into Old Chang Kee’s curated Platters. A medley of puffs, balls, wings, and fries awaits, providing a satisfying mix for groups of friends or family members. The platters are a feast for the eyes and the taste buds, offering a little bit of everything.

Delve into the complete meal experience with Old Chang Kee’s Set Meals. From Chicken Rice Food ball to Braised Beehoon, each set is a carefully crafted ensemble, bringing together the best flavors in one delightful spread. It’s a convenient way to enjoy a variety of dishes without compromising on taste.

Old Chang Kee is not just a food stop; it’s an experience. Whether you’re savoring the familiar taste of Nasi Lemak or exploring the crispy wonders of their snacks, each item on the menu is a testament to the brand’s dedication to providing a taste of Singapore’s culinary heritage.

Old Chang Kee – Outlet Address Contact & Hours

OutletContactOutlet AddressOperating Hours
313 Somerset65094573313 @ Somerset, Orchard Road, #B3-24, Singapore 238895(Mon-Fri) 7am – 9pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) 11am – 9pm
Aljunied MRT6746 5147Aljunied MRT Station, 81 Geylang Lorong 25, #01-13, Singapore 388310(Daily) 7am – 9pm
Ang Mo Kio Hub6483 071453 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-32 Ang Mo Kio Hub, Singapore 569933(Mon-Sat) 7am – 9pm, (Sun/PH) 10am – 9pm
Ang Mo Kio MRT6873 11292450 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #01-12/14/15, Ang Mo Kio MRT Station, Singapore 569811(Mon-Sat) 7am – 10pm, (Sun/PH) 10am – 10pm
Alexandra Retail Centre63760869460 Alexandra Road, #02-36 Alexandra Retail Centre, Singapore 119963(Mon-Fri) 6:30am – 5:30pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) Closed
Artra (Beside Red Hill MRT)62089443ARTRA 12, Alexandra View, #01-10, Singapore 158736(Mon-Fri) 7am – 10pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) 8am – 10pm
Bedok Mall67024047311 New Upper Changi Road, #B2-K4 Bedok Mall, Singapore 467360(Daily) 10am – 9pm
Bugis Junction6835 9461230 Victoria St., #B1-13 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188024(Daily) 10am – 8pm
Bukit Merah62749646166 Bukit Merah Central, #02-35, Singapore 150166(Mon-Sat) 6:30am – 9pm, (Sun/PH) 9am – 9pm
Bukit Panjang646507561 Jelebu Road, #01-16 Bukit Panjang Plaza, Singapore 677743(Daily) 11am – 9pm
Buona Vista MRT6773 1650Buona Vista MRT, 100 North Buona Vista Road, #01-08 Singapore 139345(Mon-Fri) 10am – 7pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) Closed
Bukit Batok MRT6261 6893Bukit Batok MRT, 10 Bukit Batok Central, #01-09, Singapore 659958(Mon-Fri) 6:30am – 10pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) 10am – 10pm
Changi Terminal 36546 123065 Airport Boulevard, #B2-51 Singapore 819663(Daily) 8am – 10pm
Caltex Clementi6872 6745Caltex Clementi, 126 Clementi Ave 2, Singapore 129930(Daily) 9am – 8pm
Caltex Dunearn62560794Caltex Dunearn, 130 Dunearn Road, Singapore 309436(Daily) 9am – 8pm
Caltex Jurong West67940864Caltex Jurong West, 21 Jurong West St. 93, Singapore 648964(Daily) 7am – 9pm
Caltex Tampines67822049Caltex Tampines, 1 Tampines Ave 8, Singapore 529594(Daily) 7am – 9pm
Causeway Point6893 14511 Woodlands Square, #01-K11 Causeway Point, Singapore 738099(Mon-Sat) 7am – 10pm, (Sun/PH) 10am – 10pm
Changi City Point6636 32165 Changi Business Park Central 1, #B1-K2, Singapore 486038(Daily) 10am – 9pm
City Square Mall6509 6281180 Kitchener Road, #B1-K5 City Square Mall, Singapore 208539(Daily) 11am – 7pm
Clementi Mall665958763155 Commonwealth Avenue West, #B1-K11, Singapore 129588(Daily) 8am – 9pm
Compass One638497241 Sengkang Square, Compass One, #01-27, Singapore 545078(Mon-Sat) 7am – 10pm, (Sun/PH) 10am – 10pm
Choa Chu Kang6769 108410 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, Choa Chu Kang MRT Station, #01-22, Singapore 689810(Mon-Fri) 6:30am – 10pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) 10am – 10pm
China Town6221 842646 Pagoda Street, China Town Heritage Centre, Singapore 059205Temporary Closed till further notice
Change Alley Arcade6902 7491No. 30 Raffle Place, Change Alley Mall, #B1-33, Singapore 048622(Mon-Fri) 8am – 8pm, (Sat) 10am – 3pm, (Sun/PH) Closed
Far East Plaza6733 074314D Scotts Road, Kiosk 3, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213(Daily) 7am – 9pm
Funan Mall6612 0554107 North Bridge Road #B2-K06 Singapore 179105(Mon-Fri) 8am – 6pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) 10am – 6pm
Greenwich V.675748601 Seletar Road, Greenwich V #01-18 Singapore 807011(Daily) 10am – 8:30pm
Heartland Mall62852845205 Hougang St. 21, #01-133 Heartland Mall, Singapore 530205(Daily) 9am – 9pm
Holland Village MRT64622768200 Holland Ave, Holland Village MRT Station, #B1-14, Singapore 278995(Mon-Sat) 7am – 8pm, (Sun/PH) 9am – 8pm
Hougang Mall6343681290 Hougang Ave 10, #01-39 Hougang Mall, Singapore 530090(Mon-Sat) 7am – 10pm, (Sun/PH) 10am – 10pm
OutletContactAddressOperating Hours
IMM6561 71142 Jurong East St. 21, #01-35 IMM Building, Singapore 609601(Daily) 10am – 10pm
ION Orchard6884 4530ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-36, Singapore 238801(Daily) 11am – 9pm
Jurong East Mall6734 294550 Jurong Gateway Road, JEM, #B1-K05, Singapore 608549(Daily) 9am – 10pm
Junction 86253 76289 Bishan Place, #B1-12 Bishan Junction 8, Singapore 579837(Daily) 11am – 8pm
Jurong Point6792 562063 Jurong West Central 3, #01-39 Jurong Point, Singapore 648886(Daily) 6am – 10pm
Jewel Changi Airport6245 933578 Airport Boulevard #B2-247 Singapore 819666(Mon-Fri) 10am – 10pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) 10am – 11pm
Kallang MRT6547 8411Kallang MRT Station, 5 Sims Avenue Kallang, #01-07, Singapore 387405(Mon-Sat) 7am – 9pm, (Sun/PH) 7am – 9pm
Kallang Wave6702 31481 Stadium Place #01-20/#01-K9 (ORA) Singapore 397628(Daily) 10am – 8pm
Kembangan MRT6745 5864Kembangan MRT Station, 55 Sims Avenue East Kembangan, #01-03, Singapore 416551(Mon-Sat) 7am – 9pm, (Sun/PH) 7am – 9pm
Lot 16762 496321 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #B1-K23, Lot 1 Shopping Mall, Singapore 689812(Daily) 11am – 8pm
Nex6634 484023 Serangoon Central #B2-12, Singapore 556083(Mon-Sat) 7am – 8pm, (Sun/PH) 10am – 8pm
Ngee Ann Poly6763 7581Ngee Ann Poly, 535 Clementi Road, Blk 73 #01-01B, Singapore 599489Temporary Closed till further notice
Northpoint6482 5465930 Yishun Avenue 2, #01-04 NorthPoint, Singapore 769098(Mon-Sat) 6am – 10pm, (Sun/PH) 9am – 10pm
Novena Square6354 1208238 Thomson Road, #01-70/71 Novena Square, Singapore 307683(Mon-Sat) 6am – 9pm, (Sun/PH) 9am – 9pm
Novena Square (2nd Floor)6258 0677238 Thomson Road, #02-33/34/41/42 Novena Square, Singapore 307683Temporary Closed till further notice
NTUC Hub @ Benoi6397 49011 Joo Koon Circle, #01-35, Singapore 629117(Mon-Fri) 6am – 5pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) 6am – 2pm
Nus6774 622731 Lower Kent Ridge Road #01-05, S119078Temporary Closed till further notice
Paragon6836 1402290 Orchard Road, #B1-10 Paragon Shopping Centre, Singapore 238859(Daily) 11am – 9pm
Parkway Parade6345 943180 Marine Parade Road, #01-14, Parkway Parade Shopping Centre, Singapore 449269(Daily) 10am – 9pm
Paya Lebar Square6702 105860 Paya Lebar Road, #01-47 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051(Mon-Sat) 7am – 9pm, (Sun/PH) 10am – 9pm
Plaza Singapura6341 965068 Orchard Road, #B2-02 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839(Daily) 11am – 9pm
Potong Pasir MRT6858 594255 Upper Serangoon Road, #01-03/04 Potong Pasir MRT Station, Singapore 347694(Mon-Sat) 7am – 10pm, (Sun/PH) 10am – 10pm
Paya Lebar Quarters6972 844910 Paya Lebar Road #B2-32 Paya Lebar Quarter Singapore 409057(Mon-Sat) 9am – 9pm, (Sun/PH) 10am – 9pm
Old Chang Kee Coffee House at No. 19 Mackenzie Road6732 1655 (Bar Counter), 6835 9952 (OCK Counter)19/21/23 Mackenzie Road #01-01 Singapore228678(Daily) 10am – 8pm
Sentosa @ Beach Station6271 943450 Beach View, #01-K7 Beach Station, Singapore 098604(Mon-Thurs) Closed, (Fri-Sun/PH) 10am – 8pm
Simei MRT6782 5644Simei MRT Station, 30 Simei Street 3, #01-02, Singapore 529888(Mon-Sat) 7am – 10pm, (Sun/PH) 10am – 10pm
SPC East Coast6245 0027SPC East Coast, 157 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 455253(Daily) 7am – 8pm
SPC Jalan Buroh6265 6893SPC Jalan Buroh, 33 Jalan Buroh, Singapore 619487(Mon-Sat) 6:30am – 8pm, (Sun/PH) Closed
SPC Punggol6343 8412SPC Punggol, 100 Punggol Central, Singapore 828839(Daily) 7am – 9pm
Sun Plaza6257 057030 Sembawang Drive , #B1-44 Sun Plaza, Singapore 757713(Daily) 9am – 9pm
Singapore Cruise Centre6255 6186Singapore Cruise Centre, 1 Maritime Square, #02-20B Harbour Front Centre, Singapore 099253Temporary Closed till further notice
SingPost Centre6747 601910 Eunos Road 8 #01-147 Singapore Post Centre Singapore 408600(Mon-Fri) 7am – 9pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) 10am – 9pm
Suntec City Mall6255 18343 Temasek Boulevard #01-301 Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983(Mon-Sat) 7am – 9pm, (Sun/PH) 10am – 9pm
Shell Woodland Ave 96219 123820 Woodlands Avenue 9, Singapore 738954(Daily) 9am -7 pm
Tiong Bahru Plaza6272 1403302 Tiong Bahru Rd, #B1-119, S168732(Mon-Fri) 7am – 9pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) 10am – 9pm
Tampines MRT6782 1495Tampines MRT Station, 20 Tampines Central 1, #01-03, Singapore 529538(Mon-Sat) 6:30am – 10pm, (Sun/PH) 10am – 10pm
Thomson Plaza6458 6704301 Upper Thomson Road #01-K7, Thomson Plaza Singapore 574408(Daily) 10am – 9pm
Toa Payoh Hub6250 4157500 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, #01-34 Toa Payoh Hub, Singapore 310500(Mon-Sat) 6:30am – 10pm, (Sun/PH) 7am – 10pm
Changi Terminal 46384 487810 Airport Boulevard Departure/Transit Lounge North, Level 2, #02-81/82 S819665Temporary Closed till further notice
Telok Blangah Community Club6259 0828450 Telok Blangah Street 31, #01-02, Singapore 108943(Mon-Fri) 7am – 9pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) 8am – 9pm
Old Chang Kee Coffee House at Our Tampines Hub62461032 (OCK Counter), 62461086 (Meal Counter)1 Tampines Walk, #01-105 Our Tampines Hub S528523(Daily) 8am – 10pm
United Square6353 4405101 Thomson Road, #01-K2 United Square, Singapore 307591(Daily) 10am – 8pm
Ubi6741 10813020 Ubi Avenue 2, #01-125, Singapore 408896(Mon-Fri) 10am – 6pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) Closed
V Hotel @ Lavender6292 726470 Jellicoe Road, V Hotel #01-06/07, Singapore 208767(Mon – Fri) 7am – 9pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) 10am – 9pm
Vivocity6224 37691 Harbourfront Walk, #B2-K21 Vivocity, Singapore 098585(Mon-Fri) 11am – 9pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) 9am – 9pm
West Mall6862 85211 Bukit Batok Central Link, #B1-05 West Mall, Singapore 658713(Daily) 9am – 8pm
Whitesands6584 59621 Pasir Ris Central Street 3, #01-42, Whitesands, Singapore 518457(Mon-Sat) 7am – 10pm, (Sun/PH) 10am – 10pm
Waterway Point6385 207083 Punggol Central, Waterway Point, #01-K2, Singapore 828761(Mon-Sat)7am – 10pm, (Sun/PH) 10am – 10pm
Wisma Atria6835 7229435 Orchard Road, #B1-49 Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877(Mon-Fri)7am – 9pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) 11am – 9pm
Yew Tee Point6465 140521 Choa Chu Kang North 6, #01-37 Yew Tee Point, Singapore 689578(Mon-Fri) 6am – 10pm, (Sat/Sun/PH) 6am – 10pm

Is Old Chang Kee Halal?

Yes, Old Chang Kee Singapore is Halal certified Chinese restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the popular items on the Old Chang Kee menu?

Some of the popular items on the Old Chang Kee menu include their signature curry puffs, chicken wings, sotong balls, and fish balls.

Does Old Chang Kee offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Old Chang Kee does offer vegetarian options. They have a variety of vegetarian snacks and pastries that are suitable for vegetarians.

Do the vegetarian options at Old Chang Kee taste good?

Yes, the vegetarian options at Old Chang Kee are delicious and flavorful, offering a variety of meat-free snacks and treats.

What are the best-selling beverages at Old Chang Kee?

The best-selling beverages at Old Chang Kee include the Curry’O, Sotong Head, and Chicken Mushroom’O.

YumVim took all the images and prices from the following official sources of Old Chang Kee Singapore.


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