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Attention Malay food lovers! Are you in search of the latest Penang Culture Singapore Menu? Look no further – your search ends here. Explore their extensive menu featuring vibrant images and current prices, all sourced directly from Penang Culture Singapore’s official channels.

Penang Culture Singapore
Image by Penang Culture Singapore

Penang Culture Singapore Menu Categories

The menu of Penang Culture can be categorized as

  • Appetiser
  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Vegetable
  • Egg / Beancurd
  • Penang Wok Fried
  • Penang Rice & Noodles
  • Desserts
  • Add-ons
  • Drinks

Lets see them in detail one by one. All the prices mentioned below are in Singapore dollars.

Penang Culture Appetiser Menu With Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Penang Lor BakSGD 8.90
Penang RojakSGD 9.00
Tahu GorengSGD 7.90
Kuih Pie TeeSGD 10.90
Salted Egg Squid Fritters You TiaoSGD 9.00
Mentaiko Ngoh HiongSGD 9.00
Penang Culture Menu

Penang Culture Meat Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Prawn Paste Chicken Wings (6pcs)SGD 9.00
White Kopi ChickenSGD 16.90
Salted Egg ChickenSGD 16.90
Chicken Cutlet w/ Thai Apple SauceSGD 16.90
Stir Fried BeefSGD 17.90
Penang Culture Menu Prices

Penang Culture Menu Seafood

Menu ItemPrice
Assam Curry Fish HeadSGD 36.90
Signature Curry Fish HeadSGD 36.90
Fried SeabassFrom SGD 28.00
Sweet & Sour FishSGD 17.90
Salted Egg Mantis PrawnSGD 18.90
Claypot Seafood TofuSGD 18.90
Penang Culture Menu seafood


Menu ItemPrice
George’s Town BBQ PlatterSGD 28.00
BBQ StingraySGD 18.90
BBQ Satay Chicken (6 Sticks)SGD 11.50
BBQ Satay Mutton (6 Sticks)SGD 12.50
Penang Culture BBQ Menu

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Penang Culture Singapore Vegetable Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Four Heavenly KingSGD 14.90
Stir Fry Mixed VegetablesSGD 13.00
Sayur LodehSGD 14.90
Salted Egg BittergourdSGD 13.00
Stirred Fried French BeanSGD 13.00

Penang Culture Egg / Beancurd Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Claypot Mapo TofuSGD 16.90
Claypot Hongshao TofuSGD 16.90
Fu Yong EggSGD 15.90
Bittergourd EggSGD 14.90
Penang Oyster OmeletteSGD 14.90
Lap Cheong EggSGD 15.90
Penang Culture Singapore Egg Menu

Penang Wok Fried Menu Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Penang Fried Kway TeowSGD 14.90
Vegetarian Fried RiceSGD 11.90
Chao Ta Hor FunSGD 14.90
Sambal Fried RiceSGD 14.90
Penang Fried Hokkien MeeSGD 13.90
Egg Fried RiceSGD 11.90
Penang Belacan Fried RiceSGD 16.90
Mui FanSGD 14.90

Penang Culture Rice & Noodles Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Prawn Noodle SoupSGD 12.00
Penang Kway Teow SoupSGD 10.90
Penang Assam LaksaSGD 11.90
Penang Nasi LemakSGD 12.00
Premium Nasi LemakSGD 19.90
Beef Rendang Nasi LemakSGD 16.90
Penang Curry Chicken w/ RiceSGD 14.90
Lemon Chicken w/ RiceSGD 15.90
Peneng Thai Apple Chicken RiceSGD 16.90
Sweet & Sour Chicken w/ RiceSGD 15.90
Penang Culture Menu Rice & Noodles

Penang Culture Desserts Prices

Menu ItemPrice
CendolSGD 5.90
Bubur HitamSGD 5.90
Penang Culture Menu Sweets

Penang Culture Add-ons Prices

Menu ItemPrice
White RiceSGD 1.50
Nasi Lemak RiceSGD 2.00
Sunny Side UpSGD 2.50

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Penang Culture Drinks Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Iced Ampla JucieSGD 5.00
Iced White CoffeeSGD 4.00
Iced Honey LemonSGD 5.00
Penang Culture Beverages Menu

Is Penang Culture Halal?

Yes, Penang Culture Singapore is Halal Certified.

YumVim’s Review Of Penang Culture Singapore.

As a food blogger who relishes exploring diverse culinary landscapes, my recent visit to Penang Culture was a gastronomic delight that deserves to be shared. This restaurant serves as a bridge between traditional Penang flavors and modern dining, creating a unique experience for food enthusiasts.

The appetizer section of the menu instantly grabbed my attention. The Penang Lor Bak, was a perfect blend of savory and crispy, making it an irresistible start. Following this, the Penang Rojak, a tangy and sweet fruit and vegetable salad offered a refreshing contrast with its diverse textures and flavors.

For meat lovers, Penang Culture’s offerings are a dream. The Prawn Paste Chicken Wings, were fried to golden perfection, and the White Kopi Chicken was a standout dish with its unique coffee-infused sauce that tantalizingly balanced sweet and savory notes.

Seafood enthusiasts would revel in the Assam Curry Fish Head and Signature Curry Fish Head, These dishes were a harmonious mix of spicy and sour, with the fish cooked to tender perfection. The BBQ Seafood section was equally impressive, especially the George’s Town BBQ Platter, which was a feast both for the eyes and the palate.

Penang Culture’s dedication to authenticity was evident in their Penang Wok Fried dishes. The Penang Fried Kway Teow was a smoky, flavorful dish that transported me straight to the streets of Penang.

To end the meal, the Cendol was a sweet, cooling dessert that perfectly encapsulated the essence of Penang’s street food scene.

In conclusion, Penang Culture in Singapore is a must-visit for anyone looking to indulge in authentic Penang flavors. With its wide variety of dishes and reasonable pricing, it offers a delightful culinary experience that represents the true spirit of Penang.

Penang Culture Singapore Outlet Locations & Operating Hours

Outlet LocationAddressOperating HoursPhone Number
CHANGI AIRPORT T1Changi Airport Terminal 1 #03-19,
80 Changi Boulevard, Viewing Mall Central,
Singapore 819642
10.30 AM – 11 PM
Last Order @ 10.30 PM
6802 3691
NEX – SERANGOONNEX Shopping Mall #B1-76,
23 Serangoon Central,
Singapore 556083
11 AM – 10 PM
Last Order @ 9.30 PM
6634 0667
COMPASS ONE – SENGKANGCompass One, #03-13,
1 Sengkang Square,
Singapore 545078
10.30 AM. – 10 PM
Last Order @ 9.30 PM
6385 2820
VIVOCITYVivocity #B2-23E,
1 HarbourFront Walk,
Singapore 098585
11 AM – 10 PM
Last Order @ 9.30 PM
6962 7172
JEM – JURONG EASTJEM Shopping Mall #04-27, 50
Jurong Gateway Road,
Singapore 608549
11 AM – 10 PM
Last Order @ 9.30 PM
6734 8006

Yumvim took all the images and prices from the following official sources of Penang Culture Singapore.

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