Latest Playmade Menu Prices – Outlets & Hours 2024

Attention Flavored tea lovers! Are you in search of the latest Playmade Menu? Look no further – your search ends here. Explore their extensive menu featuring vibrant images and current prices, all sourced directly from Playmade Singapore’s official channels.

Playmade Singapore Menu Categories

The Menu of Playmade can be categorized as

  • Seasonal Specials
  • Original Series
  • Milk Tea Series
  • Latte Series
  • Exclusive Blends
  • Honey Series
  • Fresh Fruit Series
  • Yakult Series
  • Cookie Series
  • Merchandise

Let’s see them in detail. All the prices mentioned below are in Singapore dollars.

Playmade Menu
Playmade Menu Prices Singapore

Playmade Seasonal Specials Menu with Prices

ItemPrice (SGD)
Mango TeaSGD 4.40
Mango Milk TeaSGD 5.60
Mango SmoothieSGD 6.10
Lychee TeaSGD 4.70
Lychee Milk TeaSGD 5.20
Lychee SmoothieSGD 6.10
Watermelon Milk TeaSGD 5.80
Watermelon LatteSGD 6.40
Watermelon Tea BlendSGD 5.40
Playmade Seasonal Menu

Playmade Original Series Menu Prices

ItemPrice (SGD)
Black TeaSGD 3.30
Jasmine Green TeaSGD 3.30
Taiwan Green TeaSGD 3.30
Osmanthus Oolong TeaSGD 4.30
Chrysanthemum TeaSGD 3.30
Earl Grey TeaSGD 3.30
Brown Rice SenchaSGD 3.90
Playmade original series prices

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Playmade Milk Tea Series

ItemPrice (SGD)
Singapore Milk TeaSGD 4.40
Taiwan Milk TeaSGD 4.40
Green Milk TeaSGD 4.40
Taiwan Green Milk TeaSGD 4.40
Osmanthus Oolong Milk TeaSGD 5.30
Chrysanthemum Milk TeaSGD 4.40
Earl Grey Milk TeaSGD 4.40
Brown Rice Milk TeaSGD 5.10
Burnt Caramel Milk TeaSGD 5.10
Brown Sugar Milk TeaSGD 4.90
Cocoa Milk TeaSGD 5.10
Ovaltine Milk TeaSGD 5.10
Playmade tea menu

Playmade Latte Series Prices

ItemPrice (SGD)
Black Tea LatteSGD 5.10
Green Tea LatteSGD 5.10
Earl Grey LatteSGD 5.10
Osmanthus Oolong LatteSGD 5.70
Brown Rice LatteSGD 5.90
Cocoa LatteSGD 5.90
Matcha LatteSGD 5.90
Brown Sugar Fresh MilkSGD 4.90
Burnt Caramel LatteSGD 6.00
Playmade menu latte

Playmade Exclusive Blends Prices

ItemPrice (SGD)
Pink Cactus SmoothieSGD 6.80
Yakult Taiwan Green TeaSGD 5.20
Yakult Green TeaSGD 5.20
Yakult Chrysanthemum TeaSGD 5.20
Cranberry VinegarSGD 3.90
Emerald Green Tea BlendSGD 5.80
Playmade exclusive blends menu prices

Playmade Singapore Honey Series Prices

ItemPrice (SGD)
Honey Black TeaSGD 4.30
Honey Green TeaSGD 4.30
Honey Taiwan Green TeaSGD 4.30
Honey Black LatteSGD 5.90
Honey Green Tea LatteSGD 5.90
Honey Taiwan Green Tea LatteSGD 5.90
Honey LemonSGD 4.60
Honey Lemon Black TeaSGD 5.90
Honey Lemon Green TeaSGD 5.90
Honey Lemon Taiwan Green TeaSGD 5.90
Honey Lemon Chrysanthemum TeaSGD 5.90
Honey Black Milk TeaSGD 4.90
Honey Green Milk TeaSGD 4.90
Playmade Singapore menu honey drinks

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Playmade Menu Fresh Fruit Series

ItemPrice (SGD)
Passionfruit Pulp Green TeaSGD 5.40
Grapefruit Green TeaSGD 6.60
Orange Pulp Green TeaSGD 6.60
Osmanthus Oolong Lemon TeaSGD 6.60
Orange Passionfruit Green TeaSGD 6.90
Grapefruit Honey Green TeaSGD 6.60
Playmade fresh fruit series prices

Playmade Yakult Series Prices

ItemPrice (SGD)
Yakult Taiwan Green TeaSGD 5.20
Yakult Green TeaSGD 5.20
Yakult Chrysanthemum TeaSGD 5.20
Passionfruit Yakult Green TeaSGD 6.90
Grapefruit Yakult Green TeaSGD 8.90
Grape Yakult Black TeaSGD 5.20
Grape Yakult Green TeaSGD 5.20
Grape Yakult Green Milk TeaSGD 6.40
Playmade menu yakult series

Playmade Cookie Series Prices

ItemPrice (SGD)
Dark Chocolate CookiesSGD 7.30
Salted Chocolate Chips CookiesSGD 7.30
Cereal Crunch CookiesSGD 7.30
Playmade cookie prices

Playmade Merchandise Prices

ItemPrice (SGD)
Geneco x Playmade BBT TumblerSGD 35.20
Playmade Cup SleeveSGD 3.90
Taiwan Golden Assam (Tin)SGD 29.00
Taiwan Golden Assam (Pouch)SGD 25.00
Lychee Oolong Tea (Tin)SGD 29.00
Lychee Oolong Tea (Pouch)SGD 25.00
Luggage TagSGD 10.90
PlayMade Party Pop TumblerSGD 9.50
Playmade Singapore Merchandise

Is Playmade Halal?

NO: Playmade is not Halal.

YumVim’s Review Of Playmade Singapore

Playmade, a hidden gem in the world of bubble tea, takes your taste buds on a delightful journey with their diverse menu. The Seasonal Specials are a burst of flavors, especially the refreshing Mango Smoothie that dances on your palate. The sweetness of the lychee in the Lychee Milk Tea is perfectly balanced, making it a true crowd-pleaser.

The Osmanthus Oolong Tea stands out with its unique floral notes. If you’re a milk tea enthusiast, the Burnt Caramel Milk Tea is a comforting blend with a hint of sweetness that lingers.

For those seeking a twist, the Playmade menu offer creative concoctions like the Pink Cactus Smoothie—a tropical delight. The Yakult Series introduces a playful touch, with the Grapefruit Yakult Green Tea stealing the show, blending tangy and sweet in every sip.

What truly sets Playmade apart is their commitment to quality. The pearls are a textural delight, adding a chewy dimension to each drink. Whether you’re a tea purist or an adventurous flavor seeker, Playmade menu ensures there’s a perfect sip for every palate. With affordable prices and an inviting ambiance, it’s a spot where tea lovers can find solace in every cup.

Playmade Singapore Outlets & Operating Hours

LocationAddressOpening HoursContact
313@somerset313 Orchard Rd,
Singapore 238895
11am – 10pm
+65 9826 4507
Ang Mo Kio Hub (Playground)53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3,
Singapore 569933
11am – 10pm
10.30am – 10pm
+65 9784 5361
Bukit Panjang Plaza1 Jelebu Rd,
#01-17, Plaza,
Singapore 677743
11am – 10pm (Weekdays)
10.30am – 10pm (Weekends)
+65 6235 1445
Buona Vista MRT Station100 North Buona Vista Rd,
Singapore 139345
11am – 10pm
10.30am – 10pm
+65 9863 6981
Chinatown Point133 New Bridge Rd,
#B1-42 Chinatown Point,
Singapore 059413
11am – 9pm
+65 9626 1847
Depot Heights Shopping Centre108 Depot Rd,
Singapore 100108
11am – 8pm
10.30am – 8pm
+65 6253 9252
Hougang Mall90 Hougang Ave 10,
Singapore 538766
11am – 10pm
10.30am – 10pm
+65 6214 9134
Jurong Point1 Jurong West Central 2,
Singapore 648886
11am – 10pm
10.30am – 10pm
+65 9819 8657
Marina Bay Link Mall8A Marina Boulevard,
Singapore 018984
11am – 6.30pm
(Weekdays & Public Holidays Eve)
+65 8939 3668
Nex Shopping Mall23 Serangoon Central,
Singapore 556083
11am – 10pm
10.30am – 10pm
+65 6509 8727
Northpoint City1 Northpoint Drive,
South Wing of Northpoint City,
Singapore 768019
11am – 10pm
10.30am – 10pm
+65 6970 4739
Northshore Plaza II418 Northshore Drive,
Singapore 820418
11am – 10pm (Weekdays)
10.30am – 10pm (Weekends)
+65 8644 3144
PLQ Mall10 Paya Lebar Rd,
Singapore 409057
11am – 10pm
+65 6502 7856
Seletar Mall (Playground)33 Sengkang West Avenue,
#03-K3, The Seletar Mall,
Singapore 797653
11am – 10pm
10.30am – 10pm
+65 9826 7642
Sengkang Grand Mall70 Compassavale Bow,
Singapore 544692
11am – 10pm
10.30am – 10pm
+65 8804 3240
Suntec City (Playground)3 Temasek Blvd,
#B1-151 Suntec City,
North Tower, Singapore 038983
11am – 10pm
(Sunday – Thursday)
11am – 10.30pm
(Friday – Saturday)
+65 9139 3419
Tampines 110 Tampines Central 1,
Singapore 529536
11am – 10pm
10.30am – 10pm
+65 6509 9693
Tiong Bahru Plaza302 Tiong Bahru Rd,
Singapore 168732
11am – 10pm
10.30am – 10pm
+65 6261 0787
Vivo CityVivo City, #02-118,
1 HarbourFront Walk,
Singapore 098585
11am – 10pm
10.30am – 10pm
+65 9088 3712
Waterway Point Shopping Centre83 Punggol Central,
Singapore 828761
11am – 10pm
10.30am – 10pm
+65 6242 9505
Westgate3 Gateway Dr,
Singapore 608532
11am – 10pm
10.30am – 10pm
+65 6970 8939
Wisteria Mall598 Yishun Ring Rd,
Singapore 768698
11am – 10pm
10.30am – 10pm
+65 8900 9193

Yumvim took all the images and prices from the following official sources of Playmade Singapore.


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