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Attention Chinese food lovers! Are you in search of the latest Putien Menu? Look no further – your search ends here. Explore their extensive menu featuring vibrant images and current prices, all sourced directly from Putien Singapore’s official channels.

Putien Singapore Menu Categories

The Menu of Putien can be categorized as

  • Starter
  • Seafood
  • Seasonal Dishes
  • Meat
  • Vegetables
  • Mains
  • Soup
  • Desserts
  • Drinks

Let’s see them in detail. All the prices mentioned below are delivery prices and are in Singapore dollars.

Putien Starter Menu With Prices

ItemDescriptionPrice (SGD)
Braised Pig IntestineA satisfying dish of meticulously prepared intestines tirelessly washed and braised to perfectionSGD 20.50
Deep-fried Yellow CroakerBite into a perfect balance of savory, crispy, and tenderness.SGD 17.30
Ah Yuan Fragrant Herbal ChickenBraised sauce complements perfectly with firm and tender meat!SGD 14.00
Braised Bamboo ShootFinely selected mountain bamboo shoot, simmered in slow heat for 8 hours, then braised for a savory finish. SGD 9.60
Braised Homemade Bean CurdSoft and sumptuously tasty.SGD 8.60
AppetizerSGD 3.30
Putien Menu

Putien Seafood Prices

ItemDescriptionPrice (SGD)
Traditional Buddha Jumps Over The WallNutritional soup comprising a medley of premium ingredients; specially prepared for our distinguished guests. SGD 172.30
Pan-fried Yellow Croaker (500g)Pan-fried, seared, then gently braised. Satisfaction in every bite!SGD 53.20
Yellow Croaker with Fermented Diced Chilli (500g)More delicious than the usual fish head version SGD 53.20
Deep-fried Squirrel Yellow Croaker (800g)Crunchy bite of yellow croaker with juicy and tender meat on the inside, drizzled with sweet and sour sauce with a mildly spicy kick.SGD 65.20
Stir-fried Spicy Abalone and PorkA sizzling favourite! (Contains three abalones)SGD 31.40
Steamed Prawn with Minced GarlicCooked with live prawns to ensure fresh and juicy meat! SGD 27.10
Stir-fried Chilli ClamsExperience a taste of South East Asia with this home-style stir-fried dish of clams in house-made chilli sauce and spring onions. SGD 18.40
Deep-fried Tenggiri Fish (2pcs)The fish is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, salty and juicySGD 14.90
Herbal PrawnSweet and succulent fresh prawns, infused with the light fragrance of nourishing Chinese herbs in Chinese wine.。SGD 6.40
PUTIEN Crispy OysterA Fujian classic that you can’t miss! Pairs perfectly with Spice Mum Chilli Sauce!SGD 21.60
Putien Seafood Prices

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Putien Seasonal Dishes Prices

ItemDescriptionPrice (SGD)
Deep-fried Oysters with Dried ChiliCrispy on the outside, tender on the inside, with a mildly mala kick.SGD 21.60
PUTIEN Crispy OysterA Fujian classic that you can’t miss! Pairs perfectly with Spice Mum Chilli Sauce!SGD 21.60
Braised Oysters with BasilOysters braised with fresh basil and PUTIEN special sauce.SGD 21.60
Seasoned Fresh OystersRecipe from native Putian locals! Pairs perfectly with wine.SGD 20.50
Black Truffle Oyster NoodleSavour the two delicacies from the land and sea complemented with smooth and silky bean flour noodles.SGD 24.90
Farmhouse Oyster SoupEvery spoonful is filled with oysters! So fresh!SGD 21.60
Crispy Fried Seaweed OysterRecipe from native Putian locals! Pairs perfectly with wine.SGD 21.60
Putien Seasonal Specialty Menu

Putien Singapore Meat Prices

ItemDescriptionPrice (SGD)
Deep-fried Chicken with Garlic (Whole)Freshly and evenly marinated every day nicely crisp on the outside and absolutely tender on the inside. SGD 38.90
Deep-fried Chicken with Garlic (Half)Freshly and evenly marinated every day nicely crisp on the outside and absolutely tender on the inside. SGD 19.50
Deep-fried Duck with YamCrispy fried yam encompasses a thick tender slice of duck.SGD 24.90
Claypot Chicken in Fermented Red Rice WineThoroughly infused in red rice lees then simmered to release its rich bouquet. SGD 20.50
PUTIEN Sweet & Sour Pork with LycheesA popular traditional Fujian dish – an appetizing dish boasting a perfect balance of sourness and sweetness from the real lychees used.SGD 18.40
Shredded Pork with Sesame Bun2 Pcs, Pillowy, golden fried sesame bun is filled with stir-fried shredded lean pork for savory burst of flavors in every bite. SGD 12.70
Deep-fried Pork Trotters with Salt & Pepper2 Pcs, Cooked to perfection for a tantalizing treat of collagen.SGD 17.10
Golden Crispy Boneless Beef RibsWhole beef ribs braised for 3-hour long! Glazed with PUTIEN homemade black pepper sauce!SGD 75.00
Putien meat dishes prices

Putien Vegetables Menu Prices

ItemDescriptionPrice (SGD)
Seasonal Vegetables in Superior StockThe soft and tender seasonal vegetables are infused with the rich supreme-stock mix of century egg and salted egg to give it a burst of flavor.SGD 18.40
Home-cooked Kelp SeedlingsDelicate and smooth kelp seedlings infused with flavorful chicken broth.SGD 18.40
Braised Luffa with ScallopThe luffa is crisp and tender, the soup is fresh and sweet.SGD 18.40
Stir-fried Kailan with Bean Curd SkinFragrant, smooth and tasty.SGD 18.40
Braised Bitter GourdCarefully pan-fried, stewed to perfection and covered with thick creamy sauce. SGD 16.20
Stone Pot Homemade Bean CurdTofu grilled on a hot plate, resulting in a slightly charred exterior yet silky smooth on the inside; best paired with rice! SGD 18.40
PUTIEN Traditional Bean Curd StewDeliciously simmered with seafood and eggs. SGD 18.40
Stir-fried YamCrispy brown on the outside, glutinous texture on the inside, enjoy its best tasting moment as soon as it is served!SGD 18.40
Deep-fried Eggplant with Pork FlossCrunchy and savory deep-fried eggplant tossed in fragrant pork floss. SGD 18.40
Sambal White Water SnowflakeWhite water snowflake stems cooked in an instant to retain its crisp and tender texture. SGD 18.40
Putien Menu vegetable dishes

Putien Menu Mains

ItemDescriptionPrice (SGD)
Fujian Red Mushroom Seafood Lor MeeA bowl of silky smooth noodles flavored with 14 fresh ingredients in a rich milky stock. SGD 20.50
Fujian Seafood Lor MeeA return to the classics, with smooth noodles and a rich soup.SGD 15.10
Mazu Mee Sua (Longevity Noodles)Have a bowl of Mazu Mee Sua for a smooth-sailing life.SGD 14.00
PUTIEN Cabbage RiceTraditional home-style hearty fried rice, suitable for any meal of the day. Cooked with cabbage, braised meat, baby shrimps, mushrooms, clams and scallops. SGD 14.00
Fried Heng Hwa Bee HoonHeng Hwa Bee Hoon-the only sun-dried vermicelli milled by hand in Putien, is brimming with glutinous fragrance.SGD 14.00
PUTIEN Ca FenFeaturing a flavored superior broth lovingly braised with the premium ingredients of pork collar and aged chicken. SGD 14.00
Steamed RiceSGD 1.70
Putien Main Menu

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Putien Soup Prices

ItemDescriptionPrice (SGD)
Claypot Yellow Croaker SoupA hearty good bowl of milky white soup. SGD 31.40
Braised Bean Curd with Chinese CabbageStarring carefully selected yellow core Chinese cabbage and PUTIEN’s homemade silky tofu. SGD 24.90
PUTIEN Bian Rou SoupIndividual servings of our Bian Rou Soup with dumpling skin made of meat! SGD 10.50
Putien soup prices

Putien Desserts Prices

ItemDescriptionPrice (SGD)
Glutinous Rice DessertSweet and fluffy. Rice cakes made with glutinous rice flour in the shape of a golden nugget.SGD 15.10
Double-boiled Pear with Osmanthus and Aged Mandarin PeelRefreshing mouthful of osmanthus fragrance with every bite. SGD 8.60
Lotus Seed with White Fungus SoupLotus seeds from Fujian Jian Ning that melts in your mouth! SGD 7.50
Putien Menu sweet endings

Putien Drinks Prices

ItemPrice (SGD)
Soursop JuiceSGD 7.50
Pearl Barley with Winter MelonSGD 4.20
Coke (330ml)SGD 4.20
Coke Zero (330ml)SGD 4.20
Sprite (330ml)SGD 4.20
Soda Water (330ml)SGD 4.20
San Pellegrino (750ml)SGD 10.70
Acqua Panna (750ml)SGD 10.70
Putien beverages  price list

Is Putien Halal?

NO: They serve pork, and for that reason Putien is Halal.

YumVim’s Review Of Putien Singapore

Putien Restaurant in Singapore is a real treat for anyone who loves Chinese food. They’ve got a big menu with lots of choices.

Their seafood dishes are something special. The Pan-fried Yellow Croaker is crispy on the outside and tasty on the inside. The Stir-fried Spicy Abalone and Pork is sizzling and delicious.

If you’re into meat, their Deep-fried Chicken with Garlic is a winner. It’s crispy and juicy. And the Claypot Chicken in Fermented Red Rice Wine has a rich flavor that’s just right.

Vegetarians have good options too, like the Seasonal Vegetables in Superior Stock. It’s soft and tasty with century egg and salted egg flavors.

Save some room for dessert! The Glutinous Rice Dessert is sweet and fluffy, a perfect ending to the meal.

Prices at Putien are fair, making it a great spot for a delicious meal that won’t break the bank. Putien is more than just a place to eat; it’s an experience you’ll remember. If you love Chinese food, Putien is a must-try!

Putien Singapore Outlets & Contact Info

OutletAddressContact Number
Kitchener Road127 Kitchener Road,
Singapore 208514
+65 6295 6358
ION Orchard2 Orchard Turn, #04-12,
Singapore 238801
+65 6509 4296
Jurong Point1 Jurong West Central 2, #02-34 JP1,
Singapore 648886
+65 6795 2338
Marina Square6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-205,
Singapore 039594
+65 6336 4068
NEX23 Serangoon Central, #02-18/19,
Singapore 556083
+65 6634 7833
Northpoint City930 Yishun Ave 2, #02-42/43/44,
Singapore 769098
+65 6257 1482
Parkway Parade80 Marine Parade Road, #02-13/13A,
Singapore 449269
+65 6345 6358
Raffles City252 North Bridge Road, #02-18,
Singapore 179103
+65 6336 2184
Resorts World Sentosa26, Sentosa Gateway, #01-203/204 The Forum,
Singapore 098138
+65 6686 3781
Tampines Mall4 Tampines Central 5, #B1-01/27,
Singapore 529510
+65 6781 2162
VivoCity1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-131/132,
Singapore 098585
+65 6376 9358
SingPost Centre10 Eunos Road 8, #03-106,
Singapore 408600
+65 6747 4355
Jewel Changi Airport78, Airport Boulevard, #02-249,
Singapore 819666
+65 6908 5182
Great World1 Kim Seng Promenade, 02-149/150/151,
Singapore 237994
+65 6235 5079‪
Marina Bay Sands2 Bayfront Avenue, #01-05 The Shoppes,
Singapore 018972
+65 6688 7053
Westgate3 Gateway Drive, #03-08,
Singapore 608532
+65 6254 8535
Causeway Point1 Woodlands Square, #05-09,
Singapore 738099
+65 6219 5857
Waterway Point83 Punggol Central, #B1-21 Waterway Point,
Singapore 828761
+65 6244 6880
Holland Village10 Lorong Mambong,
Singapore 277675
+65 6513 3168
Suntec City3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-389/390, Atrium (Convention Centre),
Singapore 038983
+65 6513 9488

Yumvim took all the images and prices from the following official sources of Putien Singapore.

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