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Attention Italian food lovers! Are you in search of the latest Saizeriya Menu? Look no further – your search ends here. Explore their extensive menu featuring vibrant images and current prices, all sourced directly from Saizeriya Singapore’s official channels.

Saizeriya Singapore Menu Categories

The Menu of Saizeriya can be categorized as

  • Appetiser
  • Salad
  • Soup
  • Focaccia
  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Doria Gratin & Rice Dish
  • Grill
  • Dessert

Let’s see them in detail. All the prices mentioned below are in Singapore dollars.

Saizeriya Appetiser Menu with Prices

GRILL COMBOChicken Assortments with Pork Cheddar Sausage and sidesSGD 7.90
CHICKEN WING 8PcsChicken marinated in Spices and grilled to golden perfectionSGD 7.90
CHICKEN WING 5PcsChicken marinated in Spices and grilled to golden perfectionSGD 4.90
CIPOLLATASliced Onion with Poached Egg and Bacon BitsSGD 3.90
CRISPY CHICKENCrispy and flavourful ChickenSGD 4.50
CHEESY CURRY POTATOPotato Topped with Vegetable Curry Sauce and CheeseSGD 3.90
SAUTÉED SPINACH WITH BACONSautéed Spinach nwith BaconSGD 2.90
SAUTÉED BROCCOLISautéed Broccoli and Mushroom with GarlicSGD 2.90
BUTTER CORNSweet Corn with Garlic ButterSGD 2.90
OVEN GRILLED ESCARGOTSEscargots in Garlic Butter & Sauteed OnionSGD 5.90
GRILL GREEN MUSSELHalf Shell Green Mussel with Vegetable Salsa & Demi SauceSGD 4.90
BAKED CLAMSClam with Black PepperSGD 3.90
BEDDAR CHEDDAR SAUSAGEPork Sausage stuffed with chunks of Cheddar CheeseSGD 4.50
SMOKED SALMONSmoked SalmonSGD 4.50
Saizeriya menu
Saizeriya starters prices

Saizeriya Salad Menu Prices

CHEF SALADParmesan Cheese, CroutonSGD 4.50
CHICKEN SALADGrill ChickenSGD 4.90
EGG SALADEgg, MayonnaiseSGD 4.90
SALMON SALADSmoked SalmonSGD 5.90
Saizeriya Singapore Salad Menu Prices

Saizeriya Soup Prices

MUSHROOM SOUPCreamy Soup made with Button MushroomSGD 2.90
CORN CREAM SOUPCreamy Soup made with CornSGD 2.90
PUMPKIN SOUPCreamy Soup made with PumpkinSGD 2.90

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Saizeriya Focaccia Prices

Saizeriya Menu Prices

Saizeriya Singapore Pizza Menu Prices

PINEAPPLE & BACONBacon and Pineapple with Mixed CheeseSGD 6.90
MARGHERITAItalian Buffalo Mozzarella CheeseSGD 7.90
PINEAPPLE & SALMONPineapple and Salmon with Mixed CheeseSGD 7.90
PEPPERONIPork Pepperoni with Mixed CheeseSGD 7.90
DOUBLE CHEESEDouble the Amount of Mixed Cheese (x2 Cheese Option Not Applicable)SGD 7.90
BBQ CHICKENGrilled Chicken with BBQ Sauce and Mixed CheeseSGD 7.90
MUSHROOM & BACONBacon and Mushroom with Mixed CheeseSGD 7.90
BISMARKPoached Egg, Bacon, Spinach with Mixed CheeseSGD 7.90
Saizeriya Pizza Menu
Saizeriya Pizza Prices

Saizeriya Pasta Prices

CARBONARA POACHED EGGEgg Sauce with Bacon and Poached EggSGD 5.90
CARBONARAEgg Sauce with BaconSGD 6.90
BLACK TRUFFLE & MUSHROOMBlack Truffle Cream Sauce with MushroomSGD 7.90
PESTO GENOVESEFlavourful Pesto Sauce with Bacon and CheeseSGD 7.90
AGLIO OLIO SHRIMP & BROCCOLIPeperoncino Sauce with Shrimp and BroccoliSGD 5.90
AGLIO OLIO PLAINWithout Shrimp and BroccoliSGD 4.50
BLACK PEPPER CHICKENBlack Pepper Sauce with Grilled ChickenSGD 5.90
BOLOGNESEWith Beef Bolognese SauceSGD 4.50
BOLOGNESE POACHED EGGWith Beef Bolognese Sauce and Poached EggSGD 5.50
SQUID INKSquid Ink Sauce with SquidSGD 5.90
LAMB RAGU & MUSHROOMMeaty Lamb Ragu sauce with MushroomSGD 7.90
SEAFOODTomato Sauce with Squid, Shrimp, Mussel and ClamSGD 7.90
MENTAIKO FLAVOUR SHRIMP & BROCCOLIMentaiko-flavoured Sauce with Shrimp & BroccoliSGD 7.90
VONGOLE SPICY TOMATOSpicy Tomato Sauce with ClamSGD 5.90
AGLIO OLIO VONGOLEPeperoncino Sauce with ClamSGD 5.90
Saizeriya Pasta Menu
Saizeriya Pasta Prices

Saizeriya Doria Gratin & Rice Dish Prices

SPINACH CHICKEN GRATINPenne with Grilled Chicken, Spinach in
White Sauce & Cheese
SGD 5.90
LAMB RAGU GRATIN POACHED EGGPenne in Lamb Ragu Sauce, White Sauce
& Cheese with Poached Egg
SGD 6.50
MILANO GRATINPenne in Beef Bolognese Sauce,
White Sauce & Cheese
SGD 4.90
FOUR CHEESE RAVIOLITraditional Italian Pasta filled with
Ricotta, Edam, Gorgonzola & Emmental Cheese
SGD 5.90
Vegetable Curry Sauce
SGD 6.50
MILANO DORIARice in Beef Bolognese Sauce
& White Sauce
SGD 4.90
MILANO DORIA POACHED EGGRice in Beef Bolognese Sauce
& White Sauce with Poached Egg
SGD 5.90
SALMON DORIARice with Smoked Salmon
in White Sauce
SGD 6.50
CHEESE MILANO DORIARice in Beef Bolognese Sauce
& White Sauce with Cheese
SGD 5.90
BACON & MUSHROOM RISOTTORisotto Rice with Bacon
and Mushroom
SGD 5.90
MENTAIKO SWEET SHRIMP RISOTTORisotto Rice with Mentaiko Sauce,
Clam and Sweet shrimp
SGD 7.90
Saizeriya Doria Gratin & Rice Dish menu
Saizeriya Doria Gratin & Rice Dish prices

Saizeriya Grill Item Prices

HAMBURGERBeef Hamburger with Demi SauceSGD 6.50
CHEESE HAMBURGERBeef Hamburger with Mixed CheeseSGD 7.50
HAMBURGER & SAUSAGEHamburger with Pork Cheddar SausageSGD 7.90
PEPPER BEEF STEWBeef Stew with Black Pepper CoarseSGD 8.90
TUSCAN LAMB CHOPTuscan-style marinated Lamb ChopSGD 10.90
SIRLOIN STEAKBeef Steak with Black Pepper SauceSGD 12.50
CHICKEN VEGETABLE SALSAChicken with Vegetable Salsa & Demi SauceSGD 7.50
CHEESE CHICKENChicken with Mixed CheeseSGD 7.50
PEPPER CHICKENChicken with Black Pepper SauceSGD 7.50
CHEESE CHICKEN & SAUSAGEChicken with Mixed Cheese and Pork Cheddar SausageSGD 8.90
GRILLED SALMONGrilled Salmon with Cream Sauce & SpinachSGD 8.90
Saizeriya Grill Menu
Saizeriya Grilled Prices

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Saizeriya Dessert Prices

TIRAMISU (ICE)Sponge Cake layered with Cocoa powder
and Mascarpone Cheese
SGD 4.90
HAZELNUT SEMIFREDDODelicious Hazelnut Semifreddo on a Roasted
Hazelnut Meringue and Crunch Bed
SGD 4.90
SALTED CARAMEL SEMIFREDDODelicate Meringue filled with Salted Caramel
Semifreddo, Decorated with Cookie Crumbs
SGD 4.90
ITALIAN PUDDINGIItalian Pudding with full-flavoured
taste of Milk
SGD 3.90
GIANDUIA SEMIFREDDOCocoa Meringues filled with Gianduia Semifreddo
and Decorated with Gianduia and Cocoa Cream
SGD 4.90
CHOCOLATE LAVASponge Cake with warm Chocolate
oozing out from within
SGD 5.90
APPLE CRUMBLE ICE-CREAMApple filling layered with Crumb a
nd Ice-Cream
SGD 4.90
OREO CHEESE CAKECreamy Cheese Cake blended
with Oreo Cookies
SGD 3.90
Saizeriya Dessert Menu
Saizeriya Sweets prices

Is Saizeriya Halal?

No: They use pork as an ingredient, and for that reason Saizeriya is not Halal.

YumVim’s Review Of Saizeriya Singapore

Saizeriya, a little corner of Italy in Singapore, beckons with a menu that promises to tantalize taste buds without burning a hole in your pocket.

I couldn’t resist trying the Pineapple & Bacon pizza . The thin, crispy crust provided the perfect canvas for the sweet and savory dance of pineapple and bacon. It’s a steal for pizza enthusiasts seeking a unique flavor combination.

Delving into the pasta options, I opted for the Black Truffle & Mushroom pasta . The aroma of truffle infused every bite, creating a rich and satisfying experience. The chef’s mastery in balancing flavors was evident in every perfectly cooked strand.

The grill section at Saizeriya stood out, and the Tuscan Lamb Chop was a highlight. The lamb, marinated to perfection, delivered a burst of Mediterranean flavors. A choice for those seeking succulent meats with a touch of sophistication.

To wrap up the culinary journey, I savored the Hazelnut Semifreddo. A symphony of textures, with the roasted hazelnut meringue adding a delightful crunch to the smooth semifreddo. A sweet note to end a memorable meal.

Saizeriya’s menu is a treasure trove of Italian delights, showcasing the chef’s dedication to authenticity and quality. The prices are remarkably reasonable for the gastronomic experience offered. Saizeriya Menu is an invitation to savor the flavors of Italy without breaking the bank, making it a go-to spot for those craving an affordable yet authentic taste of Italian cuisine.

Saizeriya Singapore Outlets & Contact Information

City Square Mall180 Kitchener Road,
#B2-55/56 City Square Mall, Singapore 208539
6834 4877
Toa PayohBlk 190 Toa Payoh Lorong 6,
#02-514, Singapore 310190
6253 8001
Orchard Gateway277 Orchard Road,
#B2-11 Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858
6702 4451
United Square101 Thomson Rd,
#B1-32/33 United Square, Singapore 307591
6250 5480
Aperia12 Kallang Ave,
#03-07/08 Aperia, Singapore 339511
6386 2792
Chinatown Point133 New Bridge Road,
#02-10 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
6822 0340
Marina Square6 Raffles Blvd,
#02-207 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
6252 1582
Alexandra Retail Centre460 Alexandra Rd
#01-30/31, Singapore 119963
6513 0174
Leisure Park Kallang5 Stadium Walk,
#01-02/03 Leisure Park Kallang Singapore 397693
6970 0856
NEX23 Serangoon Central,
#01-61/62 NEX, Singapore 556083
6518 3165
Hougang 11 Hougang Street 91,
#01-38 Hougang 1, Singapore 538692
6312 8644
Rivervale Mall11 Rivervale Crescent,
#02-09 Rivervale Mall, Singapore 545082
6909 1458
Seletar Mall33 Sengkang West Avenue,
#02-K1/K2/K3 The Seletar Mall, Singapore 797653
6386 9246
Oasis Terrace681 Punggol Drive,
#03-07/08 Oasis Terrace, Singapore 820681
6244 4583
Hougang Mall90 Hougang Ave 10,
#02-24, Hougang Mall, Singapore 538766
6243 5927
Heartland MallHeartland Mall, Blk 205, Hougang Street 21
#02-26/29, Singapore 530205
6908 6144
51@AMK51 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
#01-01, 51@AMK, Singapore 569922
6904 3556
Paya Lebar Quarters10 Paya Lebar Road,
#04-13, Paya Lebar Quarter, Singapore 409057
6702 2478
Eastpoint Mall3 Simei Street 6,
#03-04 Eastpoint Mall, Singapore 528833
6604 8630
White Sands1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3,
#03-11/12/13 White Sands, Singapore 518457
6385 4234
Changi City Point5 Changi Business Central Park 1,
#B1-44/45 Changi City Point, Singapore 486038
6443 8567
Tampines 110 Tampines Central 1,
#04-23, Singapore 529536
6481 7753
Century Square2 Tampines Central 5,
#03-32/33 Singapore 529509
6513 7732
Djitsun Mall Bedok445 Bedok North Street 1,
#01-01 Dijtsun Mall, Singapore 469661
6320 0172
321 Clementi321 Clementi Avenue 3,
#02-05/06/07 321 Clementi, Singapore 129905
6710 7590
The Star Vista1 Vista Exchange Green,
#01-44/45 The Star Vista, Singapore 138617
6734 2580
Hillion Mall17 Petir Rd,
#B1-20/21/22 Hillion Mall, Singapore 678278
6909 1461
Woods Square Mall6 Woodlands Square, Woods Square Mall
#B2-22, Singapore 737737
6908 6571
Sembawang SC604 Sembawang Road,
#B1-15/16 Sembawang Shopping Centre, Singapore 758459
6570 9695
Sun Plaza30 Sembawang Drive,
#03-17/18/19, Singapore 757713
6235 6642
Yew Tee Point21 Choa Chu Kang North 6,
#01-17, Yew Tee Point, Singapore 689578
6219 3557
Khatib HomeTeamNSKhatib HomeTeamNS 2, Yishun Walk
#01-02 HomeTeamNS Club House Singapore 767944
6970 2588

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some non-halal items on the Saizeriya menu?

Some non-halal items on the Saizeriya menu include dishes that contain pork or alcohol.

Are there any vegetarian options on the Saizeriya menu?

Yes, Saizeriya offers several vegetarian options on their menu, including pasta dishes, salads, and appetizers.

Are there any halal options available at Saizeriya?

Yes, Saizeriya does have some halal options available on their menu, such as vegetarian pasta, salads, and certain seafood dishes.

Are there any specific ingredients that I should avoid if I am looking for halal options at Saizeriya?

Yes, when looking for halal options at Saizeriya, it’s best to avoid dishes that contain pork, lard, and alcohol, as these are not considered halal.

Yumvim took all the images and prices from the following official sources of Saizeriya Singapore.


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