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Attention Korean food lovers! Are you in search of the latest Seoul Yummy Singapore Menu? Look no further – your search ends here. Explore their extensive menu featuring vibrant images and current prices, all sourced directly from Seoul Yummy Singapore’s official channels.

Seoul Yummy Singapore Menu
Image by Seoul Yummy Singapore

Seoul Yummy Singapore Menu Categories

The menu of Seoul Yummy can be categorized as

  • Korean Bento
  • Signature Army Stew
  • Korean Fried Chicken
  • Appetizers
  • Soup
  • Rice
  • Noodle
  • Mini Army Stew
  • Meat
  • Drink

Lets see them in detail one by one. All the prices mentioned below are delivery prices and are in Singapore dollars.

Seoul Yummy Korean Bento Menu With Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Spicy Chicken BentoSGD 13.80
Spicy Pork BentoSGD 14.90
BBQ Ribeye Bulgogi BentoSGD 15.90
BBQ Pork Belly BentoSGD 14.90
Seoul Yummy Menu

Seoul Yummy Signature Army Stew Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Daebak Army StewSGD 43.30
Spicy Seafood Army StewSGD 44.30
Cheesy Odeng Army StewSGD 42.30
Jja Jang Pork Army StewSGD 42.30

Seoul Yummy Korean Fried Chicken Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Yummy ChikinSGD 8.30
Yummy WingsSGD 9.30
Yummy Chikin PlatterSGD 21.30
Seoul Yummy Menu Prices

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Seoul Yummy Appetizers Menu Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Ban Ban PancakeSGD 9.30
Cheesy Potato PancakeSGD 9.30
Potato PancakeSGD 8.30
Kimchi PancakeSGD 8.30
Cheesy Spicy TteokbokkiSGD 9.30
Spicy TteokbokkiSGD 8.30
Cheesy Korean Fish CakeSGD 7.30
Fried Pork DumplingsSGD 7.30
Fried Kimchi DumplingsSGD 8.30
BBQ Pork BellySGD 7.30
Spam & FriesSGD 8.30
Seoul Yummy SaladSGD 6.80

Seoul Yummy Soup Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Seafood Beancurd SoupSGD 17.30
Spicy Kimchi SoupSGD 16.30
Ginseng Chicken SoupSGD 17.30
Spicy Chicken SoupSGD 16.30
Spicy Beef SoupSGD 16.30

Seoul Yummy Rice Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Hotstone BibimbabSGD 14.30
Hotstone Egg & Cheese Fried RiceSGD 14.30
Hotstone Cheesy Kimchi Fried Rice SGD 14.30
Egg Fried RiceSGD 13.30
Kimchi Fried RiceSGD 13.30
White RiceSGD 2.30
Seoul Yummy Menu List

Seoul Yummy Noodle Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Hotstone Spicy Seafood NoodleSGD 18.30
Hotstone BBQ Pork Belly NoodleSGD 16.30
Stir-Fried Korean Glass NoodleSGD 14.30
Jja Jang MyonSGD 14.30

Seoul Yummy Menu Mini Army Stew

Menu ItemPrice
Spam & Cheese Mini Army StewSGD 15.30
Spicy Chicken Mini Army StewSGD 15.30
Spicy Pork Mini Army StewSGD 16.30
Seafood Mini Army StewSGD 17.30
Beef Mini Army StewSGD 17.30
BBQ Pork Belly Mini Army StewSGD 16.30
Odeng Mini Army StewSGD 15.30
Jja Jang Pork Mini Army StewSGD 16.30
Seoul Yummy Menu Items

Seoul Yummy Singapore Meat Prices

Menu ItemPrice
BBQ Ribeye BulgogiSGD 16.30
BBQ Spicy ChickenSGD 14.30
BBQ Spicy PorkSGD 14.30
BBQ Pork BellySGD 14.30

Seoul Yummy Drink Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Coke (Can)SGD 3.00
Coke Light (Can)SGD 3.00
Root Beer (Can)SGD 3.00
Iced Lemon Tea (Can)SGD 3.00
Bottled Beer (330ml)SGD 9.90
SojuSGD 19.90
Seoul Yummy Drinks Menu

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Is Seoul Yummy Halal?

NO. Seoul Yummy Singapore is not Halal.

YumVim’s Review Of Seoul Yummy Singapore.

Seoul Yummy is a haven for Korean food enthusiasts in Singapore, offering a diverse menu filled with tantalizing dishes that capture the essence of Korean cuisine. From appetizers to signature stews and sizzling meat dishes, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

Start your Seoul Yummy experience with a selection of appetizers that set the tone for your meal. Indulge in the Ban Ban Pancake or the Cheesy Potato Pancake for a crispy and flavorful start. If you’re a fan of Korean street food, don’t miss out on the Cheesy Spicy Tteokbokki or the Fried Kimchi Dumplings, bursting with spicy and savory goodness.

For a complete Korean dining experience, dive into the Korean Bento boxes, featuring mouthwatering options like Spicy Chicken Bento or BBQ Ribeye Bulgogi Bento, each served with a variety of sides to complement the main dish perfectly.

No visit to Seoul Yummy would be complete without trying their signature Army Stew. From the hearty Daebak Army Stew to the indulgent Cheesy Odeng Army Stew, these piping hot pots are brimming with a medley of flavors and textures that will warm your soul.

And of course, Seoul Yummy is renowned for its Korean Fried Chicken, available in various styles to suit every taste bud. Whether you prefer Yummy Chikin Platter or Yummy Wings, each bite is a crispy, juicy delight.

Pair your meal with a comforting bowl of Seoul Yummy Soup or a satisfying serving of Seoul Yummy Rice or Noodle dishes, and you’ll be transported to the bustling streets of Seoul with every mouthful.

With its extensive menu, vibrant flavors, and welcoming ambiance, Seoul Yummy promises an unforgettable culinary journey through the heart of Korea right here in Singapore.

Seoul Yummy Singapore Outlet Locations & Operating Hours

LocationAddressOperating Hours
Bugis+201 Victoria Street #04-11
Singapore 188067
11.30am to 10.00pm
(Last order 9.30pm)
NEX23 Serangoon Central, NEX, #B1-45,
Singapore 556083
11.30am to 10.00pm
(Last order 9.30pm)
Seoul Yummy Chego (Plaza Singapura)68 Orchard Rd, Plaza Singapura Atrium, #04-66,
Singapore 238839
11.30am to 10.00pm
(Last order 9.30pm)
Seoul Yummy Chego (Kallang Wave Mall)1 Stadium Place, Kallang Wave Mall, #01-47,
Singapore, 397628
11.30am to 10.00pm
(Last order 9.30pm)

Yumvim took all the images and prices from the following official sources of Seoul Yummy Singapore.


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