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Attention Western lovers! Are you in search of the latest Swensens Singapore Menu? Look no further – your search ends here. Explore their extensive menu featuring vibrant images and current prices, all sourced directly from Swensens Singapore’s official channels.

Swensens singapore Menu
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Swensens Singapore Menu Categories

The menu of Swensens can be categorized as

  • All Day Brunch
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Sides
  • Burgers
  • Sandwiches
  • Pizza
  • Grilled Selection
  • Baked Rice
  • Golden Classics
  • Pastas
  • Kids Meals
  • Beverages

Lets see them in detail one by one. All the prices mentioned below are in Singapore dollars.

Swensens All Day Brunch Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
SOUTHERN STYLE CHICKEN ‘N’ WAFFLEWe present our very own homemade savory fluffy waffles. Juicy and crunchy chicken drizzled with luscious maple syrup make for the ultimate comfort food.SGD 16.90
OMELETTEEgg omelette with your choice of any two fillings: cheese, chicken ham, chicken, mushrooms, or onions. Served with U.S. fries and coleslaw.SGD 14.90

Swensens Salads Prices

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
CAESAR SALADCrisp lettuce, eggs, parmesan cheese, and cheese croutons tossed with Caesar dressing.SGD 12.90
CAESAR SALAD WITH BREADED FISHCrispy breaded fish, greens, eggs, and golden brown croutons for the perfect start to your meal.SGD 15.90
CAESAR SALAD WITH BREADED CHICKENAdorned with succulent slices of breaded chicken fried to golden brown perfection.SGD 14.90
PRAWN & FRUIT SALADCrisp lettuce, succulent prawns, and chunky tropical fruits with homemade mango yogurt dressing.SGD 14.90
SMOKED SALMON SALADA scrumptious medley of lettuce, smoked salmon, and capers graced by zesty Italian dressing with nuances of lemon.SGD 15.90
PULLED CHICKEN SALADA hearty mix of greens, pulled chicken, and plump cherry tomatoes accompanied with roasted sesame dressing.SGD 14.90

Swensens Soups Prices

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
(with bread bowl)
(without bread bowl)
CLAM CHOWDERClams, diced potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, smoked duck, and turkey bacon flakes in a creamy soup.SGD 13.90SGD 9.90
CREAMY MUSHROOMA rich and creamy soup made with fresh shiitake and button mushrooms.SGD 13.90 SGD 9.90
Swensens Menu

Swensens Sides Prices

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
CALAMARI RINGSGolden fried calamari rings served with our famous tartar sauce.SGD 9.90
DEEP FRIED MUSHROOMSGolden fried shiitake mushrooms served with tartar sauce.SGD 8.90
SPICE ‘N’ CHICFeaturing tender, plump fried chicken thigh strips lightly seasoned with our secret spices.SGD 10.90
MOZZARELLA CHEESE STICKSChunks of rich golden fried Mozzarella cheese sticks.SGD 9.90
CHICKY CHEESE FRIESPlump steak-cut fries loaded with tomato salsa, crispy morsels of chicken, and gooey nacho cheese sauce.SGD 12.90
HOT U.S. FRIES & DIPSMade from 100% Idaho potatoes. Special coating ensures the fries maintain their crisp texture and natural potato flavor.SGD 7.90/cone
SWEET POTATO FRIESPiping hot crinkle-cut sweet potato fries.SGD 11.90
Swensens menu sides

Swensens Burgers Menu Prices

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
OG ULTRA BURGERTucked inside a soft, toasted brioche bun lies the first layer of magic – two succulent smashed beef patties cooked to perfection. Melted jack cheese, crisp white onions, and our secret in-house hamburger sauce.SGD 16.90
CLASSIC ULTRA BURGERDouble smashed beef patties with irresistible caramelized crust. Vibrant purple onions, tangy gherkins, fresh tomato slices, crisp lettuce, and melted jack cheese, crowned with a special in-house blend of hamburger sauce.SGD 17.90
DOUBLE CHEESE BEEF BURGERDouble-decker beef patties with melted cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes, and crisp lettuce. Served with U.S. fries and coleslaw.SGD 17.90
MEGA BURGERLayers of juicy beef patty, chicken ham, turkey bacon, grilled vegetables, onions, melted cheese, and topped off with a fried egg! Served with U.S. fries and coleslaw.SGD 17.90
IMPOSSIBLETM BURGERIMPOSSIBLETM patty, brioche bun, melted cheese, tomato slices, and onion rings.SGD 16.90
BAGUS IMPOSSIBLETM BURGERIMPOSSIBLETM patty, brioche bun, homemade Bagus sauce, and caramelized onions.SGD 17.90
RENDANG IMPOSSIBLETM BURGERIMPOSSIBLETM patty, brioche bun, rendang sauce, chopped onions, and mesclun salad.SGD 17.90
GARLIC AIOLI IMPOSSIBLETM BURGERIMPOSSIBLETM patty, brioche bun, monterey jack cheese, garlic aioli, and butter lettuce.SGD 17.90
MUSHROOM IMPOSSIBLETM BURGERIMPOSSIBLETM patty, brioche bun, monterey jack cheese, sautéed button mushrooms, and mesclun salad.SGD 18.90
Swensens burgers menu
Swensens burgers prices

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Swensens Sandwiches Prices

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
PHILLY CHEESE STEAK SANDWICHArtisanal Ciabatta bun, sumptuous slices of grilled sirloin steak, sautéed onions, mushrooms, and melted cheese!SGD 17.90
SOURDOUGH 49ERS CHICKENChicken slices, turkey bacon, and cheddar cheese sandwiched between sourdough football buns. Served with U.S. fries and coleslaw.SGD 16.90

Swensens Pizza Prices

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
BEEF PEPPERONI & CHEESE PIZZATasty beef pepperoni with cheese on a tomato base. A favorite for the pizza lover!SGD 17.90
HAWAIIAN PIZZAFully loaded with chicken ham, green peppers, pineapples, mushrooms, and gooey cheese. Every bite will have the pizza fans going “Cowabunga!”SGD 16.90
MARGHERITA PIZZAYummy mozzarella cheese on a bed of tangy tomato sauce, fresh garlic, and oregano. Less is definitely more for this one!SGD 15.90
Swensens menu Singapore

Swensens Menu Grilled Selection

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
GRILLED FISH WITH MEUNIÈRE SAUCESilky smooth fish fillets grilled to tender perfection and adorned with Meunière sauce – a decadent blend of creamy butter, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, and capers for a slightly piquant kick.SGD 18.90
PESTO SALMONRich in Omega-3, this is perfect if you’re craving for something healthy yet yummy! Dig into salmon fillet grilled to tender perfection and accompanied with our very own pesto cream sauce.SGD 19.90
GRILLED FISH SAMBALTender fish fillet seasoned with spices for a mildly fiery kick, grilled to perfection and paired with a generous dollop of sambal chili.SGD 17.90
FARM ROAST CHICKEN WITH HERB GRAVYTender juicy quarter chicken elegantly seasoned with a heavenly blend of spices, roasted to perfection and served with our rich savory herb gravy.SGD 18.90
BBQ CHICKENTender juicy grilled chicken generously brushed with our in-house guava BBQ sauce to give you the sweet yet tangy taste that is popular on the island of Hawaii.SGD 17.90
WE MEAT AGAIN COMBOHearty combo of succulent chicken and sirloin steak infused with our special seasoning, grilled tenderly, and served with your choice of BBQ, sambal, or black pepper sauce.SGD 30.90
RIBEYE STEAKRenowned for its bold flavors and generous marbling, grilled to perfection and dressed up with your choice of pineapple BBQ, sambal, or black pepper sauce.SGD 27.90
TENDERLOIN STEAKPopular cut, tastefully seasoned and grilled to bring out its remarkably rich flavors. Served with your choice of BBQ, sambal, or black pepper sauce.SGD 30.90
SIRLOIN STEAKSumptuous and prized for its tenderness and delicate flavor, meticulously grilled to tender perfection and served with your choice of pineapple BBQ, sambal, or black pepper sauce.SGD 26.90
LAMB CHOPSBursting with rich flavors, features cuts of grilled lamb marinated with homemade herbs and spices. Served with mint jelly for a refreshing take on this classic favorite.SGD 27.90
Swensens grilled menu & prices

Swensens Singapore Baked Rice Prices

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
FISHERMAN’S CATCH BAKED RICEFish fillets, blue mussels, and shrimps baked with lemongrass-infused wild rice, spicy red sauce, and gooey melted cheese.SGD 16.90
SALMON ‘N’ MUSHROOM BAKED RICESmoked salmon and mushrooms baked with savory rice, cheese, and brown sauce.SGD 16.90
CARBONARA SMOKED DUCK BAKED RICEIndulge in an eggy, cheesy, creamy sauce with flavorful smoked duck and melted duck fat baked rice!SGD 15.90
FISH BAKED RICEGrilled fish fillets in white sauce baked with savory rice and cheese.SGD 16.90
CURRY CHICKEN BAKED RICESpicy chunks of curry chicken baked with savory rice.SGD 16.90
CHICKEN BAKED RICETender fried breaded chicken baked with savory rice and cheese in a special white sauce.SGD 15.90
Swensens baked rice prices

Swensens Menu Golden Classics Prices

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
CHICKEN IN THE BASKETAn American classic from the south! Juicy and tender yet crispy golden fried 3-piece chicken, served with U.S. fries and coleslaw.SGD 18.90
BATTERED FISH & CHIPSBattered fish fillets lightly seasoned, fried to a crisp golden brown, and served with creamy tartar sauce.SGD 17.90
BREADED CHICKENGolden fried marinated chicken cutlet drizzled with Meunière sauce, served with U.S. fries and coleslaw.SGD 17.90
CRISPY CORNFLAKE CHICKENTenderly succulent and moist boneless chicken generously coated with crispy golden cornflakes for that extra crunch in every bite.SGD 17.90
BONELESS FRIED CHICKENMoist and tender golden fried boneless chicken. With its crispy double batter, it will definitely get you coming back for more! Served with U.S. fries and coleslaw.SGD 17.90
FISH & CHIPSTender ocean fresh fish fillet fried perfectly for that crisp exterior but moist and delicate flesh, served with our signature house tartar sauce, U.S. fries, and coleslaw.SGD 17.90
Swensens Singapore menu golden classics

Swensens Singapore Pastas Menu Prices

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
BEEF SAUSAGE ARRABBIATAArrabbiata pasta with linguine tossed in a spicy arrabbiata tomato sauce, made with melted beef fat, topped with beef sausage.SGD 15.90
BLACK PEPPER SEAFOOD PASTAFish fillet, mussels, and crabsticks with spaghetti tossed in black pepper sauce. Classic combination of peppery spiciness with a hint of sweetness.SGD 18.90
SALMON ‘N’ MUSHROOM PASTASmoked salmon and sautéed mushrooms with spaghetti in cream sauce.SGD 18.90
BAKED SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISEJuicy chicken and beef meatballs atop spaghetti with minced beef in tomato sauce, baked with cheese.SGD 17.90
MAC ‘N’ CHEESEMacaroni, mushrooms, and onions baked with cheese and cream sauce.SGD 15.90
SPAGHETTI AGLIO OLIOMushrooms, red chili, and garlic with spaghetti tossed in garlic oil.SGD 13.90
TERIYAKI CHICKEN PASTAGrilled chicken thigh smothered in Teriyaki sauce served with spaghetti and vegetable-of-the-day.SGD 18.90
BEEF LASAGNEJuicy minced beef between layers of pasta and spinach, accompanied with tangy tomato sauce.SGD 17.90
GO GREEN LASAGNETantalizing layers of pasta, mushrooms, and spinach complemented with melted cheese, crisp basil leaves, and luscious tomato gravy.SGD 14.90
SPAGHETTI CARBONARAEggy cream sauce with juicy bits of turkey ham, shiitake mushrooms, crowned with parmesan cheese and crisp turkey bacon bits.SGD 15.90
ORIENTAL CHILI FISH PASTAFried tender dory fillet lightly coated with homemade batter, slathered with our house signature spicy oriental sauce. Served on a bed of spaghetti with a hint of fragrant garlic.SGD 18.90
SEAFOOD ARRABBIATA PASTASpaghetti al dente in spicy tomato cream sauce served with fresh blue mussels, fish fillet, and succulent prawns. Bestseller specially created by our test kitchen.SGD 18.90
CRAYFISH PASTASucculent crayfish, chunky fish fillets, and crabsticks tossed in tangy tomato sauce.SGD 20.90
BEEF LASAGNEJuicy minced beef between layers of pasta and spinach, accompanied with tangy tomato sauce.SGD 17.90
GO GREEN LASAGNETantalizing layers of pasta, mushrooms, and spinach complemented with melted cheese, crisp basil leaves, and luscious tomato gravy.SGD 14.90
MAC ‘N’ CHEESEMacaroni, mushrooms, and onions baked with cheese and cream sauce.SGD 15.90
BAKED SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISEJuicy chicken and beef meatballs atop spaghetti with minced beef in tomato sauce, baked with cheese.SGD 17.90
NO MEET U PASTAPasta without meat! Delicious mock meat served on a bed of spaghetti tossed in tangy tomato sauce and mushrooms.SGD 15.90
SPAGHETTI AGLIO OLIOMushrooms, red chili, and garlic with spaghetti tossed in garlic oil.SGD 13.90
Swensens pasta prices

Swensens Kids Meals Prices

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
CHEESY OMELETTEOmelette filled with creamy cheese & U.S. fries.SGD 10.90
CHICK ‘N’ FRIESBreaded chicken strips & U.S. fries.SGD 10.90
SPAGHETTI TWIRLIESSpaghetti in meaty chicken bolognaise sauce.SGD 10.90
FISH ‘N’ CHIPPIESFish fillet & U.S. fries.SGD 10.90
SALMON QUESADILLASalmon fillet bits with tomato salsa and oozing melted cheese sandwiched between toasty tortilla wraps. Pair with mesclun salad and honey fruity yogurt.SGD 10.90
PAS-TA CHICKEN SAUSAGESpaghetti in mushroom, cream, and cheesy chicken sausage.SGD 10.90
Swensens kids menu

Swensens Beverages Menu Prices

Swensens Beverages can be categorized as

  • Ice-Cream Meltdowns
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Yogurt Smoothies
  • Yogurt Blends
  • Hot Coffee
  • Tea
  • Iced Fruit Blended & Coolers
  • Cold Coffee
  • Thirst Quenchers

Lets see them in detail one by one.

Ice-Cream Meltdowns
(Sodas, Floats Milk Shakes & Iced Blended Coffee)

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
MILK SHAKEThick and creamy milk shake with your favorite Swensen’s ice cream.SGD 7.20
RAINBOW LIME FLOATFizzy Tangy Lime Sherbet filled with colorful tadpole jelly.SGD 7.50
SUPER SODASChoose from: Chocoholic, Vanilla, Strawberry.SGD 6.80
ICED CAPPUCCINODelicious blend of espresso and milk crowned with a scoop of Coffee Fix ice cream.SGD 6.20
BANANARAMAShot of espresso blended with a Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream and fresh banana.SGD 6.80
ICE CREAM BLENDEDShot of espresso blended with Coffee Fix ice cream.SGD 6.80
TREASURE ISLAND FLOATVanilla ice cream with Root Beer or Cola.SGD 6.80
COOKIE MONSTERShot of espresso blended with Cookies ‘N’ Cream ice cream and Oreo cookies.SGD 6.80
MALTED MILK SHAKEThick and creamy milk shake with your favorite Swensen’s ice cream and a dose of malt powder.SGD 7.50
SUPER FUDGE MALTThick and creamy Chocoholic milk shake with a dose of malt powder and chocolate fudge.SGD 7.80
ICED CHOCOLATE FLOATChilled chocolate topped with a scoop of Chocoholic ice cream and chocolate sauce.SGD 6.80
MILK SHAKE FLOATThick and creamy milk shake with your favorite scoop of Swensen’s ice cream.SGD 7.80

Frozen Yogurt

Menu ItemsPrice
PLAIN (Vanilla)
SGD 4.50
With choice of 1 or 2 Mix-Ins
SGD 5.50
Blueberry / Cranberry / Lychee / Mango / Raspberry / Strawberry
SGD 7.50

Yogurt Smoothies

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
MANGO TANGOMango and banana with orange juice.SGD 7.50
STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVERStrawberry with orange juice.SGD 7.50
BERRIES MERRYBerries with apple juice.SGD 7.50

Yogurt Blends

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
STRAWBERRYA refreshing blend of strawberries and cranberries with low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt.SGD 6.50
ZESTY MANGOA tropical taste of low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt mixed with mango and lychee.SGD 6.50
Swensens Ice cream meltdowns menu

Hot Coffee

Menu ItemsPrice


Menu ItemsPrice
FLAVORED TEA (Camomile, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Peppermint)SGD 4.50

Iced Fruit Blended & Coolers

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
MANGO LYCHEERefreshing mango and lychee blended with ice.SGD 6.50
GREEN WITH ENVYGreen apple flavored sparkling drink.SGD 5.50
SWEET WITH BERRIESStrawberry flavored sparkling drink.SGD 5.50
SPARKLING PINK LEMONADELemon and Strawberry flavored sparkling drink.SGD 5.50
SOURSOPTangy soursop blended with ice.SGD 6.50
MANGO PEACH TROPICSMango and peach flavored sparkling drink with milk.SGD 5.50

Cold Coffee

Menu ItemsPrice

Swensens offers a wide array of delectable desserts, with a special emphasis on their delightful ice cream selections. To explore these tempting treats, kindly refer to our dedicated post featuring the Swensens desserts menu

Thirst Quenchers

Menu ItemsPrice
Swensens Drinks Prices & menu

Swensens Singapore Promotions

Discover a symphony of flavors with Swensen’s Singapore promotions! Elevate your dining experience with exclusive deals on hearty meals. Dive into a world of taste savings that will leave your taste buds and wallet smiling. Join Swensens in making every moment extraordinary! Stay updated with their latest promotions by visiting the official Swensens website’s Promotion page

HSBC Credit Card Offer

Swensens Singapore promotions

15% Off With Minimum Spend of SGD 80

Valid from January 2 to December 30, 2024, this promotion is applicable for dine-in when selecting dishes from the a la carte menu at Swensen’s outlets in Singapore, excluding Earle Swensen’s and other affiliated brands/restaurants. The discount and minimum spending requirement of S$80 apply before factoring in the service charge and GST.

Please note that this offer is not applicable on the eve of public holidays, public holidays, and special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Youth Day, Teachers’ Day, and Children’s Day. Additionally, it cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts, offers, promotions, member privileges, and vouchers within the same bill. The terms stipulate that bill splitting or table division is not allowed.

To avail the benefits of this promotion, payment must be made using an HSBC Credit Card. The management retains the right to modify the terms of the offer without providing prior notice.

Weekday Lunch Top-Up

Swensens Singapore Promotions

Applicable upon the purchase of any main dish, select from an individual side, a Single Scoop Ice Cream with a drink, or opt for the Soup of The Day.

The Weekday Lunch Top Up offer is accessible during dine-in hours from 11 am to 2:30 pm on weekdays (Monday to Friday), excluding public holidays. This promotion is valid at specific Swensen’s outlets.

Weekday Student Special

Weekday Student Meal available for dine-in from Mondays to Fridays. Choice of main and drink meal for either $10.80 set or $13.80 set.

Swensens Student Promotions
  • $13.80 Set – Choice of Main:
    • IMPOSSIBLE™ Burger
    • Swensen’s Bagus Burger
    • Fish & Chips
    • BBQ Chicken
    • Salmon ‘N’ Mushroom Pasta
  • $10.80 Set – Choice of Main:
    • Spaghetti Aglio Olio
    • Fish Baked Rice
    • No Meet U Pasta
    • Curry Chicken Baked Rice
    • Fisherman’s Catch Baked Rice
  • Choice of Drink:
    • -1 x Choice of Soft Drink
  • Choice of Dessert (Complete your meal with a dessert for $2.80):
    • Yogen Fruz (plain)
    • Ice Cream (single scoop)

Night Owl Hours

Swensens Promotions

Swensens is open till 2am (only at Bugis Junction outlet) on Fridays, Saturdays & Eve of Public Holidays. Last order: 1.15am (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday).

Is Swensens Halal?

Yes, Swensens Singapore is Halal certified.

YumVim’s Review Of Swensens Singapore.

Swensen’s offers a delightful culinary experience with a diverse menu that caters to various tastes.

In Brunch Southern Style Chicken ‘N’ Waffle is a standout, presenting homemade savory waffles with a perfect blend of juicy and crunchy chicken, generously drizzled with luscious maple syrup. The combination of textures and flavors creates the ultimate comfort food.

The OG Ultra Burger stands out as a masterpiece, with two succulent smashed beef patties cocooned in a soft brioche bun. The addition of melted jack cheese, crisp white onions, and the secret in-house hamburger sauce creates a symphony of flavors.

For pasta enthusiasts, the Beef Sausage Arrabbiata is a spicy delight. The linguine, tossed in an arrabbiata tomato sauce made with melted beef fat, is crowned with savory beef sausage. The perfect fusion of spice and savoriness makes it a must-try.

In the grilled selection, the Grilled Fish with Meunière Sauce is a triumph. Silky smooth fish fillets grilled to perfection, adorned with Meunière sauce—a decadent blend of creamy butter, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, and capers—offer a delightful burst of flavors.

The ambiance is inviting, and the diverse menu accommodates various dietary preferences, including a dedicated Kids Meals section. The restaurant’s commitment to quality ingredients and skillful preparation shines through in each dish.

Overall, Swensens menu is a reliable choice for a hearty and satisfying meal. Whether you’re indulging in their golden classics, exploring their grilled selection, or enjoying a delightful pasta, they offers a diverse range of dishes that are sure to please every palate. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly service further enhance the dining experience, making Swensen’s a go-to spot for a delightful culinary journey.

Swensens Singapore Outlet Locations & Operating Hours

LocationAddressOpening Hours
AMK Hub53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #B1-21A,
Singapore 569933
11:00AM to 10:30PM
Bedok Mall311 New Upper Changi Road #01-77 Bedok Mall
Singapore 467360
11:00AM to 10:30PM
Bugis Junction200 Victoria Street #01-68 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
11:00AM to 10:30PM
(Extended hours on
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH till 2am.)
Bukit Panjang Plaza1 Jelebu Road #03-04, Bukit Panjang Plaza
Singapore 677743
11:00AM to 10:30PM
Causeway Point1 Woodlands Square #02-08/09 Causeway Point
Singapore 738099
11:00AM to 10:30PM
Changi Airport T365 Airport Boulevard #B2-31 & 32, Singapore Changi Airport T3
Singapore 819663
11:00AM to 10:30PM
Clementi Mall3155 Commonwealth Ave West,
#05-31/32/33, Clementi Mall
Singapore 129588
11:00AM to 10:30PM
Compass One1 Sengkang Square, #B1-16, Compass One
Singapore 545078
11:00AM to 10:30PM
E!hub@Downtown East1 Pasir Ris Close #02-121 E!hub@Downtown East
Singapore 519599
11:00AM to 10:30PM
IMM2 Jurong East St 21, #01-111, IMM
Singapore 609601
11:00AM to 10:30PM
Junction 89 Bishan Place #01-39, Junction 8
Singapore 579837
11:00AM to 10:30PM
Jurong Point63 Jurong West Central 3, #B1-64, Jurong Point Singapore 648886Daily
11:00AM to 10:30PM
NEX Mall23 Serangoon Central, #02 – 07/08, Nex Mall
Singapore 556083
11:00AM to 10:30PM
North Point930 Yishun Avenue 2 #02-14, North Point
Singapore 769098
11:00AM to 10:30PM
Parkway Parade80 Marine Parade Road #B1-33/34, Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269
11:00AM to 10:30PM
Plaza Singapura68 Orchard Road #03-23, Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
11:00AM to 10:30PM
SingPost Centre10 Eunos Road 8 #02-136/137, SingPost Centre
Singapore 408600
11:00AM to 10:30PM
Sun Plaza30 Sembawang Drive, #02-21/22 Sun Plaza
Singapore 757713
11:00AM to 10:30PM
Tampines Mall4 Tampines Central 5 #03-30, Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510
11:00AM to 10:30PM
The Seletar Mall33 Sengkang West Avenue #02-11/12, The Seletar Mall Singapore 797653Daily
11:00AM to 10:30PM
Thomson Plaza301 Upper Thomson Road #03-23 Thomson Plaza
Singapore 574408
11:00AM to 10:30PM
Waterway Point83 Punggol Central #02-35, Waterway Point
Singapore 828761
11:00AM to 10:30PM
West Mall1 Bukit Batok Central Link #02-05, West Mall
Singapore 658713
11:00AM to 10:30PM

YumVim took all the images and prices from the official sources of Swensens Singapore.

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