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Attention Japanese food enthusiasts! Are you in search of the latest Tokyo Shokudo Menu? Look no further – you’ve reached the ideal destination. Explore their extensive menu featuring vibrant images and current prices, all sourced directly from Tokyo Shokudo Singapore’s official channels.

Tokyo Shokudo Singapore Menu Categories

The menu of Tokyo Shokudo Singapore can be categorized as

  • Original Ramen
  • Spicy Ramen
  • Tom Yam Ramen
  • Black Mayu Ramen
  • Tendon
  • Gyudon
  • Side Dish
  • Drinks

Tokyo Shokudo Original Ramen Menu with Prices

ItemJapanese NamePrice
Chicken Chashu Ramen (2pcs)鶏チャーシューラーメン (2 pcs)$13.50
Chicken Chashu Ramen (4pcs)鶏チャーシューラーメン (4 pcs)$15.50
Beef Suki Ramen牛すきラーメン$18.00
Scallop Ramenホタテラーメン$18.00
Duck Ramen (3pc meat)鴨ラーメン (3 pcs)$14.50
Duck Ramen (5pc meat)鴨ラーメン (5 pcs)$17.00
Seafood Ramenシーフードラーメン$19.50
Asari Ramenあさりラーメン$18.00
Corn Chicken Chashu Ramenコーン鶏チャーシュー ラーメン$14.50
Corn Duck Ramenコーン鴨ラーメン$14.50
Chicken Drumstick Ramenチキン ドラムスティック ラーメン$20.50
Tokyo Shokudo Menu

Tokyo Shokudo Spicy Ramen Menu Prices

ItemJapanese NamePrice
Chicken Chashu Spicy Ramen鶏チャーシュースパイシーラーメン$15.50
Beef Suki Spicy Ramen牛すきラスパイシーメン$18.00
Seafood Spicy Ramenシーフードスパイシーラーメン$19.50
Scallop Spicy Ramenホタテスパイシーラーメン$18.00
Asari Spicy Ramenあさりスパイシーラーメン$18.00
Duck Spicy Ramenスパイシー鴨ラーメン$17.00
Chicken Drumstick Spicy Ramenチキン ドラムスティック スパイシ ラーメン$20.50
Tokyo Shokudo Singapore spicy ramen prices

Tokyo Shokudo Tom Yam Ramen Prices

ItemJapanese NamePrice
Chicken Chashu Tomyam Ramen鶏チャーシュートムヤムラーメン$14.50
Seafood Tomyam Ramenシーフードトムヤムラーメン$23.00
Scallop Tomyam Ramenホタテトムヤムラーメン$19.50
Asari Tomyam Ramenあさりトムヤムラーメン$19.50
Tokyo Shokudo menu tom yam ramen

Tokyo Shokudo Black Mayu Ramen Prices

Chicken Cha Shu(2pc) Black Mayu Ramen$14.50
Seafood Black Mayu Ramen$20.50
Chicken Cha Shu(4pcs) Black Mayu Ramen$17.00
Spicy Chicken Cha Shu Black Mayu Ramen$15.50

Tokyo Shokudo Singapore Tendon Menu

ItemIngredientsPrice (S$)
Signature Tendon 特製天丼Prawn, Fish, Egg, Nori, Assorted Vegetables and Rice$18.00
Ebi Tendon 海老天丼Prawns and Rice$20.50
Ebi Tempura & Beef Shabu Don 海老天ぷら&牛丼Prawns, Beef Slices and Rice$18.00
Ebi Tempura & Tartar Fried Chicken Don 海老天ぷら&タルタルチキン丼Prawns, Fried Chicken with Tartar and Rice$18.00
Mixed Tempura Rice Set ミックス天ぷら定食Prawn, White Fish, Nori and Assorted Vegetables$19.50
Ebi Tempura Rice Set 海老天ぷら定食$23.00
Tokyo Shokudo Tendon menu Prices

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Tokyo Shokudo Gyudon Prices

ItemPrice (S$)
Gyu Don 牛丼$17.00
Gyu Egg Don 牛たま丼$18.00

Tokyo Shokudo Side Dish Prices

ItemPrice (S$)
Chicken Gyoza 鶏餃子$8.50
Chicken Gyoza with Okonomiyaki Sauce お好み焼き風 鶏餃子$9.50
Fried Chicken 鶏唐揚げ$8.50
Fried Chicken Salad チキンサラダ$12.00
Mixed Tempura ミックス天ぷら$17.00
Takoyaki たこ焼き$8.50
Chuka Wakame 珍味わかめ$7.50
Baby Octopus 中華いいだこ$9.50
Cuttlefish いか下足揚げ$11.00
Tokyo Shokudo Side Items

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Tokyo Shokudo Drinks Prices

ItemPrice (S$)
Ice Lemon Tea$5.00
Houji Tea (Hot)$3.50
Houji Tea (Cold)$3.50
Lychee Lemon Tea$8.50
Lychee Lemon Mint Tea$9.50
Ice Milo$5.00
Milo Dinosaur$6.00
Homemade Panna Cotta$8.50
Mineral Water$2.50
Tokyo Shokudo Beverages prices


YES, Tokyo Shokudo is Halal Certified.

 Velocity @ Novena Square2.1238 Thomson Rd
City Square Mall3.6180 Kitchener Rd, #02-39/40, Singapore 208539
Tampines Mall3.54 Tampines Central 5, #04 – 02 Tampines Mall, Singapore 529510
NEX3.1 23 Serangoon Central, #03-06, Singapore 556083
Twyst3.270 Compassvale Bow, #01-38/39 Sengkang Grand Mall, Singapore 544692
North Point City3.61 North Point Drive, South Wing, #01-175 Northpoint City, Singapore 768019
Lot 13.4 B1-12 to 13, 21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, Singapore 689812
Westgate3.93 Gateway Dr, #03-09 Westgate, Singapore 608532
Causeway Point3.91 Woodlands Square, #02-09C, Singapore 738099
Vivo City4.11 HarbourFront Walk, #01-54, Singapore 098585

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tokyo Shokudo?

Tokyo Shokudo is a type of Japanese restaurant that specializes in serving casual, affordable meals in a cafeteria-style setting. It is known for its quick service and diverse menu options, including popular Japanese dishes such as curry rice, tonkatsu, and udon noodles.

What are some of the most popular dishes at Tokyo Shokudo?

Some of the most popular dishes at Tokyo Shokudo include the Tonkotsu Ramen, Gyoza, Chicken Katsu Curry, and Sushi.

Is Tokyo Shokudo Singapore Halal?

Yes, Tokyo Shokudo Singapore is Halal-certified.

What Are Some Of The Vegetarian Options At Tokyo Shokudo Singapore?

Some of the popular vegetarian options at Tokyo Shokudo Singapore include the Vegetable Curry Rice, Yasai Tempura Udon, and the Yasai Tempura Don.

Are there any special offers or promotions at Tokyo Shokudo?

Tokyo Shokudo occasionally runs special promotions and offers, such as happy hour discounts, seasonal menus, and holiday specials. It’s best to check our website or social media pages for the latest updates.

Can I make a reservation at Tokyo Shokudo?

Yes, Tokyo Shokudo accepts reservations. You can make a reservation by calling the restaurant directly or using an online reservation platform.

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